Sometimes I come off that way in the world of typed conversations. I have no such aspirations. So any advice I give is only that. I am not the sort to make a power play. Not that it would have any effect here, but I understand how I write. I write for corporate assholes, for a living. So I sometimes express myself in a linear manner which betrays the fluid nature I strive to attain.

If an idea hits me, I'll express it.

The way I see it, as I'm getting to be very old, is that I need to get as many beneficial ideas out as I can before I croak. Even if I am only remembered by a screen name, the desire to help is what I want to convey. We humans repeat a lot of mistakes. Because our kernel program is not as sophisticated as we think. We fool ourselves into thinking we can defeat our nature, rule it and make it work for us. Very few succeed in this. It comes through loud and clear, often to others before one realizes it.

So you will see me make a lot of suggestions. As I have already. Not all of them are adopted, this does not surprise me. It also doesn't bruise my ego. Besides writing another reason people hire me is my abilities as a Jester. This has been a conscious undertaking since I was in my 20s. As a writer I can ask any question I want in a meeting because they all think I'm there to capture meeting minutes or some other menial function. Under the guise of inquiry I ask the opposite question. Sometimes my boss gives me the question he wants answered, but most of the time I come up with it myself. And I have made some horrid mistakes. But they work too.

Hip Forums was a place where I could be any self I wanted to be. And I did so from 2002. Not only did I weather the "Mod Wars" as I called them in 2009, I managed to survive KarenJ, the hard left Nazi queen. (I now wonder if she was Hip Chris in a dress). But this latest thing is a development I didn't expect. Suddenly my free expression was evil, racist and right wing. No matter where I posted it. It seemed like I was constantly walking into walls. At first it was vague "corrections" then it became more obvious.

I really miss Hip Forums, but I will not be returning there unless I own it, or I get to burn it to the ground. Until then, I seek free expression, breasts and beer.