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    It really is as handy as a shirt pocket

    i will donate

    unfortunately, from everything i've been able to find, vbulletin removed that feature as part of an update a few years ago. and this particular software has somewhat limited ability to make functional changes like that without vbulletin making it available themselves.

    on the plus side, i've seen a good amount of complaining about it in my searches, and there have been some mentions of them trying to make it a thing again, so hopefully it gets added eventually.

    i agree, it is a great feature and i don't understand why it's not just standard in forum software. i remember on social distraction, which used phpbb software, it was not a standard option for that type of forum either. i had to either download a mod or copy/paste some code into it that made it work (i forget which). but as far as i can tell neither of those options is available in this case.


      If you're looking for a New Post Button as in the last post, when you're in a (sub) forum, the little blue horizontal button to the right of the timestamp by the Last Poster's name will take you there, if you're looking for the last post since you've visited a thread, it's the vertical blue button left of the thread title. It's a blue square with rounded corners and a green circle respectively on mobile.

      If you're looking for a New Posts module, what Undies said.

      New Posts Button


        Within a thread, the "latest activity" tab will give you last-post-first ordering. For the forums, the "latest activity" tab+"New Topics Off"+"Time-All Time" will give a list of the forum's latest. From there, there is a "GO TO POST" link that will take you to the last.
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