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  • Forum Promotional Video Idea

    I don't know whether this would be useful, but I thought what if anyone who wanted to made a very short video, like saying a single sentence, about what they liked doing at Treefort? Then someone with editing ability put them all together into a video we could post places, to possibly attract people.

    Would anyone be interested in doing that?

    "I like writing haikus at Treefort Forums"
    "I debate politics at Treefort Forums"
    "I discuss my dreams with others at Treefort Forums"

    That kinda thing. Idk it might be a silly idea. I'm not sure how we would make people watch it.

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    it would have to be like a purposeful parody. i realised i was not picturing it in a very serious way. that would just seem cheesy.


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      Here's what I was thinking:

      Do you like hanging out with cool people on the internet?


      But you're worried that social media is an addictive force that's collectively driving the planet mad, inevitably leading to the rise of Skynet?


      Try TreeFort.

      With a little cash, we can just buy watches on YouTube. Pick our demographics and stuff too.

      I've got Adobe Premire, and I assume I may be able to Forrest Gump my way though it. But if we have someone who can actually do this it'd be ideal.
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      • neonspectraltoast
        neonspectraltoast commented
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        If you've got a tail, it's possible!

        If I forget you've got a weiner!

      • Jessica
        Jessica commented
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        Yeah, that's good

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      Ha. Ha.




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        I'd love it if all my youtube material was stored there, but I can't be asked to discover the inner working of youtube.

        It's yours.

        And mine...


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          Its not silly at all. I feel like the first step is creating an environment where interesting members want to stay and feel comfortable. I'd rather attract the likes of shale, pacific dude, and karen j back here. And have Mel, and Bagels feel more comfortable posting here.

          To be blunt, and i'm sure you and others felt the same way. But there are many times i feel the environment is waaay too kiddy-ish for me and wonder what the hell i'm doing here.


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            I'll give you all access to my channel, if you want...

            It's pretty awesome!

            TV on the internet. That's what it's called.


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              I'm still a newb at Adobe Premiere

              But I can help compile a nice video, and add some chill music/


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                Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
                I'll give you all access to my channel, if you want...

                It's pretty awesome!

                TV on the internet. That's what it's called.
                Can you do one of your covers outside, like with a park in the background?

                Was thinking of using ones like that Harvest cover, but it's a bit graining, crappy lighting etc


                • neonspectraltoast
                  neonspectraltoast commented
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                  That's what I'm saying...

                  I give you the password, and you do what you want (besides changing the password) with it.

                • Vanilla Gorilla
                  Vanilla Gorilla commented
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                  No, I don't need the password, I can just rip the videos. Just need one shot outside. And one song familiar to a lot of people. The ones you shoot inside, meh, can't really do much with them

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                  That's why my theme is Stripes.


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                    It'd be real nice if we could just copy/paste a url in here and have the video appear.

                    Even better if it played


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                        I keep thinking of ideas that are based on life as I knew it twenty years ago, lol. Like, I remember some magazines that had classified ads at the back would sometimes have really weird sections. Like, cars for sale of band members wanted, but then a miscellaneous category that, if it still exists anywhere, putting our URL in an ad there would fit right in.

                        Does anyone know if anything like that still exists? It'd be cheap, and target people who still read magazines, which might equate to people who still see the appeal of messageboards, as both are slightly dated.


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                          The other one was when I used to watch music channels and they would scroll text messages along the bottom of the screen. Are there any television channels that do that kind of thing? We could find out, and text URL to them.