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Good bye letter. Famous last words!

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    Good bye letter. Famous last words!


    This is my good bye letter. I think every Fascist troll should write a letter of apology before heading to the crematorium to be reduced to ashes.

    I haven't been sleeping while kidding myself that I'm sober because I don't get high either, but a little too fond of the blessed magic Saint Philomena crystals in my glass pipe and instant coffee diet with some free nicotene gum whenever the body tells me it's time to get shut eye. As long as I quit hitting it before I'm euphoric, keeping a nice healthy mild misery, i'm still sober.

    Ussually when I start seeing spiders on my wall and floor that don't exist, I know it's time to sleep, but stubbornly refuse and post something I will feel the need to apologize for after getting a little shut-eye and some sanity.

    I'm schizoaffective, whether I do drugs or not. Add drugs and lack of sleep to the equation and there is nothing left of sanity or ability to stop immature impulses

    So, online forums bring out that side of me that insists there can be no double standards, and if others get to act like prepubescent school-kids, so do I.

    That's not how it works. The world is full of double-standards. Certain things are simply not acceptable.

    I ran into my AA sponsor yesterday. Very nice guy who wants me to go back to AA.

    He couldn't sponsor me anymore not because of my use but because he didn't like Dictator Franco of Spain, so I sent him some propaganda regarding the Spanish regime and how it saved western Europe from a militant secular conquest from the Soviet Union. It was too much and zapped him of energy.

    Liberals are not bad people, I just feel they fuck up my head then give me free hand-outs so I'll vote for them. I bash Biden a lot, he reminds me of my mother, but Biden is a better guy than me . Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats, they do their best

    When I was hungry, liberals provided for me and gave me free hand-outs.

    If I offended you or decreased the quality of your life, I'm with ya. But if there weren't lunatics, there might not be as much entertainment. Imagine everybody never offends anyone or causes drama, then turn it into a series and it's boring as hell.

    Donald Trump is the most powerful man in the world and that guy is a twitter-addict, an Internet troll who is a walking talking middle-finger waved at even fox-news even, even right-wing media and social media websites find too much fault with him, but he gives them and comedians an easier job.

    Vote for the Clown!

    I'm going off to troll camp with Ann Frank. She's my hommie. We get to huff lots of gas and get really baked.

    Hey, can I request a purgatory or troll rehab subforum that is not open to people who don't get a purgatory key from the mods where trolls and assholes like our President can post. There are people so fucking psychotic no one will let them post on any forum . A subforuum that moderators don't touch.

    This place is more lenient than most. So, I thought I'd ask. Some trolls have potential. Look at Donald.


      maybe that's a good idea.. Troll Pit. haha


        Originally posted by ill Duce View Post
        We get to huff lots of gas and get really baked.
        It's like I don't want to laugh at this but it was very clever.

        I don't know why you were banned and I'm not going to speculate. I didn't agree with much of what you said, but so what? Not everyone agrees. Anyway, despite not agreeing with you (with the exception of the post on slut shaming), I never had a problem with you. Maybe you'll stick around this time


        • eggsprog
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          I've got Jewish heritage - it was clever enough that you're allowed to laugh. I checked with the others.

        i though there was a bit sanity in there until you mentioned supporting biden and hillary


          Originally posted by SpaceMan View Post
          i though there was a bit sanity in there until you mentioned supporting biden and hillary
          Who said I support them?

          I think everyone has a responsibility to vote for the clown and troll

          But I love Biden and Hilarious, rottenham, and Barack insane Obama. They mean well!

          We should never vote liberal. Doesn't mean we hate em though.

          ​​​​​​​But I give my parents a bad time. Doesn't mean I don't love em.


            from a distance the new avatar looks like dora the explorer


            • everything bagel
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              lol at what distance are you?

            • SpaceMan
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              its the weird looks like doras face and hair...

              my eyesight is getting bad and i dont have vision coverage

            ill Dora


              Donald Trump is a terrible person who sets a bad example for everyone. Biden is a hollow shell. I will not be voting for either of them, though I hope Trump loses as I'm that tired of his gimmick.


                Better to get the immature urges out here than on the bus or something.




                    I like this avatar.


                      Matthew Mussolini Yep I think you are on to something here spiderman . 6eyed agrees and started a Thread about it. I have suggested it as well in some threads.


                        I think we should hit the beach ball back and forth. That would be awesome