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Treefort Rules & stuff you need to know

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  • Treefort Rules & stuff you need to know

    Treefort Forums welcomes you! This is small social media. We are a community dedicated to providing a place where ideas, thoughts and opinions can be discussed with an open-mind; where people can share their lives, and make friends.

    Admins: Audiogen Undies tumbling.dice lode

    Moderators: Youfreeme 6-eyed WritersPanic

    All who look after the forums are doing so for free, please keep this in mind and be patient with us. The forum should be considered 18+ for possible nudity and language. We ask for enough rationality and intelligence to simply ignore content you don't enjoy, or don't relate to. Here are the rules we expect members to follow. If you feel a rule is being broken, please flag the post, and we will review the situation. Feel free to private message any of us if you have concerns.

    1) No harassment. No name-calling. No personal attacks.

    Treefort is not an echo chamber. A wide variety of topics get discussed here, and some topics can be controversial. Everyone has a right to their opinion, and everyone has a right to disagree with another's opinion, but we do not allow debates to become personal attacks.
    Name-calling, belittling and slander of another member outside of the Piranha Pit is prohibited, any such posts will be moved to the Piranha Pit. If personal attacks on one member by another are habitual and repeatedly moved to the Piranha Pit, an infraction will be issued.

    2) Nothing illegal. No child pornography, snuff, how to build bombs, etc. Breaking this rule will result in an immediate permanent ban.

    3) No doxxing. You must never post information about other members, such as (but not limited to) their real name, address, phone number, e-mail address, Facebook accounts.

    The Piranha Pit

    The Piranha Pit is a hidden channel which is not visible with Standard Registered User Settings. Ask an admin for access.

    Rules 2 & 3 still apply here, but rule 1 will not be enforced.
    If a thread is deemed trolling, or becomes disruptively offensive or upsetting, it will be moved here.
    Individual posts that have become arguments in non-Pit threads may be moved to the Pit Migration thread, so that the conversation can continue without disrupting the regular forum. This is an attempt to allow free speech, rather than simply deleting the posts.
    You are not allowed to harass someone in the Pit who doesn't post in the Pit themselves.

    Rule breaking will most often be first given a warning, then an infraction point. Four infraction points in a three month period will result in a temporary one month ban. Members who continue to cause trouble on their return may eventually be banned permanently. Creating new accounts to get around a ban will get both accounts banned. If you wish to return after a permanent ban, send us an email to discuss.

    We will not delete accounts without very good reason.

    Thank you & have fun :-)
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