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    Candle making

    We burn candles fairly regularly. Most are scented and most are purchased already made. While I have done quite a bit of candle making over the years, these days I'm more about recycling wax as efficiently as possible.

    I buy cheap grocery store single wick scented candles, especially if they're on sale. Then I'll get 3 wick jar candles from Tar'Get and burn them 1 wick at a time. All of this leads to candle containers with residual wax.

    What I usually do is wait till I have an occasion to use the gas range to melt the wax while something is being cooked. I'll take one of the glass single wick containers and put a tea light candle in on the bottom then our in enough melted wax to leave a quarter inch wick. Let it cool, then use as usual.

    Why? Because I'm a seriously cheap bastard!

    Yesterday I had occasion to cook a pack of thick cut bacon. While pouring off the rendered pork belly oil it occurred to me that I could just as easily pour off a bit of this hot grease into a single wick container with a tea light. So I did.

    The result is a bacon scented candle with a flame that's so tiny it's basically useless as a light source. But my whole office smells like I have a pan of bacon cooking.

    The dogs are doing curious circles and sniffing all around me.

    It just seemed like something to try. Odd "prepping". As if I'll waste bacon fat on a candle when the shit hits the fan.