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    How do you feel about comedy? Movies or tv? Stand up? Favourite comedians?

    I love comedy. Now that I think about it, I've read two autobiographies by comedians, Mindy Kaling (she wrote a lot for The Office, one of my favourite shows) and Rainn Wilson (also on The Office!). I truly believe that my sense of humour has saved my life. Being able to find humour in things is a blessing and a curse, it helps in difficult situations but I also find myself making extremely inappropriate jokes at bad times and I can't stop myself. I pretty much only watch comedy shows, I just watched a comedy documentary about The Comedy Store​​​. It was owned by a woman named Mitzi Shore and she is basically responsible for comedy as we know it now. Not a lot of female comedians that I like (honestly I feel like they complain too much) but it's interesting to think that one woman was responsible for so much great talent

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    I enjoy a good comedy. But i might be a little picky. Certain styles do it for me. I'm more a fan of comedy in tv shows or movies rather than stand up comedy. Most stand up comedy don't make me laugh. For Jerry Seinfeld it seems to come nature for him. Its looks that way for him. He doesn't do that exaggerated type comedy that others do. Jim Carry can be exaggerated with his comedy but he is one of the few that can get away with it and still make me laugh. Dave Chappelle is just hilarious especially the Chappelle Show. The Martin Lawrence show made me laugh throughout my life with that urban type comedy but not crazy about his stand up. Eddie Murphy can be pretty funny. Rodney Danderfield was pretty hilarious.


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      I like an off-the-wall slapstick chuckle.


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        I am the same in that I only watch comedy. I really enjoy dark comedy that brings a comedic edge to more serious topics, and I can get into a drama that has comedic elements, but I cant get into straight dramas. Dramas dont reflect real life to me. In my real life I've always laughed through the dark parts

        I've never gotten into stand up and I dont really know why. I enjoy it when I do watch it. I really enjoy live stand up. But there are no stand up comedians I keep up with and it isnt something I ever choose to watch when I sit down to watch something


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            I like comedy movies but I'll mention my favorite comedians and albums if I know them.

            In no particular order:
            • George Carlin - Jammin in New York/You are all Diseased
            • Bill Hicks - One Night Stand/ (Philosophy: Best of Bill Hicks album)
            • Chris Rock - Bigger and Blacker
            • Bill Burr - Why do I do this?/ Let it Go
            • Doug Stanhope - No Refunds
            • Pablo Francisco - Ouch!
            • Mitch Hedberg - Comedy Central Presents..
            • Dave Chapelle - Killing Them Softly

            Whitney Cummings had a really good special, probably my favorite from a female comedian but I forget the name of it. Robin Williams had a really good one as well but cannot recall the name. Andrew Schulz is probably my favorite comedian coming out in the past decade but I think his various youtube clips are better than the special I've seen.


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              I fucking love Mitch Hedberg

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              I've been getting into this guys lately:

              I've been watching so much of them that lately I keep breaking out in a Boston accent spontaneously.

              Rev J


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                Originally posted by Rev J
                I've been getting into this guys lately:

                I've been watching so much of them that lately I keep breaking out in a Boston accent spontaneously.

                Rev J
                I thought I knew that accent well. I went to school in Acton when I worked for DEC. Years later, in the 90s, I was working in Orlando and got a call from the office to go over and pick up a defective modem from a client I had never heard of. So I call back and ask where they are and the secretary tells me it's on the same street as "Ring-Kah". I never heard of the place before and asked for clarification. She got all pissed and said it over and over "Ring-Kah" "Ring-Kah" "Ring-Kah".

                Finally my boss got on the phone and explained to me that it's on the same street as Rinker, the concrete company.

                I saw a show recently called Wayne that was packed to the gills with thick Bostonian verbs that really brought it back for me.


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                  I took classes on improvisation with the company Comedy Sportz here in Milwaukee.

                  Fun factoid, Milwaukee is the birthplace of all comedy sportz franchise.

                  The classes were wonderful in dealing with confidence building, eye contact, having fun making a fool of yourself/classmates and overall spontaneous creativity. I'm a social guy by nature, but after taking the improv classes I definitely moved up a few notches with conversational structuring and building friendships/relationships with the help of some humor.

                  Ladies like funny and a playful "let yer guard down" small talk. Then ask her for phone number. Go on a fun date the following week.

                  Easy peasy


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                    I had a thought the other day.

                    Unfortunately, I think we can all agree that men dominate the comedy scene. And I haven't met any women that I could even slightly describe as "funny". Like for real, maybe some women like comedy or they appreciate or can tell a good joke, but no woman has made me laugh my ass off the way a man can. However, I am extremely funny. I can make anyone laugh really. But comedy comes from pain. There aren't a lot of comedians who didn't have a fucked up life.

                    So I feel like... Men are told their whole lives not to show emotion, to "be a man" and not cry. So I think that translates into comedy, like that's the only way men can express anything even slightly emotional by shrouding it in comedy, to make it seem not as deep. The people who are the funniest people are usually the ones who have had to deal with a lot of hurt. And I think that's why so many male comedians don't like female comedians because there's that resentment, like we as women have to ability to cry, to express emotion, and they're only allowed to express in a certain space, and they do not want women to encroach on that space. Just a thought.


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                      that is an interesting thought, yeah. that could be part of it.

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                    I am naturally funny everyone says I should be a comedian! or murdered


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                        If I try to approach this from like an anthropological perspective, my hypotheses as to why men are funnier than women:

                        - To get laid: Women need to feel comfortable around men and humor also disarms other men from a competition stand point. Comedians are often not the most athletic or suave and debonair so they use humor to lower people's defenses. I think comedy via pathos is the means to that end, perhaps unconsciously.

                        - Standup comedy often requires jokes with a logical structure, even if the content of the joke is nonsensical.

                        - Men are higher risk takers. I'm pretty sure this has been studied in other areas of life but I think it applies here as well, especially in regards to physical comedy but vulgarity and addressing sacred cows and taboo topics also. Having a rebellious streak is what many of the great comics share imo.


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                          Realistically, it's probably all a sex thing. Men need the attention more than women. Women are like, the silent sentinels of this world while men attempt to navigate the labyrinth. They don't even necessarily ask for recognition, or seem to crave it. They seem to like that men are essentially dopes. Here I go into my incel thing again, though. You know the drill ladies, and you know I am your lover.