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    Today I'm stretching a canvas onto a 4' X 4" frame. The canvas has a print on it, so I won't be painting it. It's actually going to be used to reflected sound control in the studio I built for daughter unit.

    The last time I worked with canvas and frames was with my father back in the 70s. I was in about 7th grade. Dad was an artist before he became an architect. Resorts was his thing and one way he sealed a deal was to make paintings of what the venue would look like. He was good enough to make forgeries if he wanted.

    A parlor trick he used to do was draw a couple of cartoon characters at the same time with each hand. Like Scooby and Shaggy, Mickey and Minnie, Johnny and Hadji (He drew cells for Johnny Quest). I have absolutely none of that talent. I can only draw with Visio and then only diagrams and shit.

    I put the canvas in the dryer with some clean towels and a damp t-shirt to get rid of the fold creases. But one of them just didn't want to go away. And I don't want to iron this since it's a printed pattern and I wouldn't want to fuck it up. So I hung it from one of the rope lines I use to hang plastic from to make my spousal unit's decon station when she returns from a shift at covid central hospital.

    Then I rolled the annoying crease to the opposite direction, pulled it tight, and then put my lips against it to blow warm, humid air into the crease as I pulled. I did this every 6 inches for 4 feet, as if by instinct. Next I'll be laying it face down and putting the frame on the ugly side while I fold the top over and staple it down. Then the bottom. Then the sides.

    After that I'll be placing 16 foam sound panels into the frame and then covering it with black mesh and stapling it down. When it's on the wall the bird side will absorb most of the sound reflections we're concerned about. But it can also be reversed if the room needs extra help. I also have hooks on the walls in the booth so I can hang moving blankets if the foam on the walls isn't enough.

    We don't have a lot of noise out here in the sticks, but sometimes a plane passes over or some asshole blows leaves for 2 hours.

    It's weird using such an old skill. I wonder where this method might be written. Where did my father learn it? He was a real artist in the commercial realm. These days commercial artists don't seem to use brushes and canvas. They use software. And they don't drink on the job the way he used to!