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    Hair products

    Do you think it matters how good a shampoo and conditioner you buy? Or is it just you either have great hair or not.
    i buy cheap knockoff head and shoulders all in one. I have great hair no matter what I buy. It's not like I take care of it, in the summer I don't wash it for a week at a time it grows super fast and is super strong.

    cheap stuff seems to work fine

    i use pert...the one with menthol was great in the summer but i cant find it anymore

    only reason i always buy that one is because i seem to be less allergic to whatever ingredients it has,,,,im still allergic but its better than the most others ones ive tried


      For Years I Bought Cheap And Expensive.......Rumour Was If You Used The Same Brand For Too Long Your

      Hair Would Build Up A Natural Resistance To It.

      But My Big Breakthrough Came About 13 Years Ago When I Started To Let My Hair "Dread".......Can't Use

      Conventional Hair Products With Dreads......If You Want Natural Dreads You Can't Let Anything That Contains

      Conditioner Near Them.......So Then I Discovered ""Bi-Carb Of Soda"......."Baking Soda"....And I Have Never

      Looked Back......No Scalp Itch.....No Oily.....No Dry....No Residue......Just Perfect.....

      Wish I Had Discovered It 50 Years Ago......

      Cheers Glen.


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        Dreads is nothing like I picture you, now I'm intrigued.

      I've always had to switch brands after a few months, my hair seems to get used to a brand.

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        my guess is the expensive stuff might be slightly better, but not enough to really notice a difference.

        i don't even pay attention to the price when i buy shampoo, but i get it from walmart and i assume everything there would fall into the cheap stuff category.


          I use the cheap stuff, and have no problems.


            I don't know if it matters. I normally use Avalon B Complex shampoo. Its not cheap shampoo but its not that expensive either.