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Are there any actual healthy cereals?

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    Are there any actual healthy cereals?

    Or are they all loaded with carbohydrates and sugar?

    It’d be nice to find a reliable cereal brand and flavor that didn’t have so much sugar, and actually had something nutritional.

    At the end of every cereal commercial, they say the line “part of this complete breakfast,” and show the cereal alongside some more nutritional foods like fresh fruit, eggs, and more.

    Advertisers are basically admitting the cereal isn't nutritionally complete on its own. And it sounds better than saying "you really should eat other foods along with this cereal."

    Nevertheless, most people hear the keywords, “complete breakfast,” and assume cereal is a substantial enough meal on its own. So it’s almost like a legal disclaimer, so they can’t get sued for pushing sugary diabetes inducing junk food. It’s disgusting to see all the high-sugar junk food they push in the breakfast cereal isle at the grocery store. Onto children no less.

    The only one that's healthy is Captain Crunch (the ones with marshmallows are healthier).

    Oh and Apple Jacks.