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    I need to get vitamin C and am about to get scurvy. A steady diet of methamphetamine and tapwater isn't giving me as much Vitamin C as I was expecting.

    So you have until midnight to respond and live , or I feed you to my Spiders.

    I need affordable vitamin C foodstuffs that don't decompose quickly like a girl I recently ate from adult friend-finders, so I can spend the rest of my foodstamps on meth.

    I hear British people are called *Limeys* because they loaded up on limes when they went sailing to avoid Vitamin C deficiency.

    I think I'm gonna load up on limes and let my spiders chow down on my forearm and walk around with one forearm three times the size as the other like it was in prison. Staff called me spider man of Alcatraz.

    The store closes at midnight so quit fuckin about!

    Respond to this post before I kill you!

    Click image for larger version

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    The red on the fingertips of the skinny tweaker cartoon is just from scratching my scrotum and behind the ears. It's my job.
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      I wasn't actually serious about any desire to kill anyone

      Beings that I don't actually know where anyone on this forum lives specifically, I obviously am not serious about doing anyone harm. I thought that was clear but ya never know with some people.

      Even if you gave me your address with reason for me to kill you, ( like a promise to vote for Biden or fiddle kids) I still would not be interested in panhandling the money for a bus ticket because I love my enemies.

      I just wanna load up on limes


        Or if there is something better than limes


          I like vitamin C but I don't eat limes. Oh! Actually i was going to say I preferred orange juice but come to think of it, my favourite Tropicana is orange and lime. I hear juice is an unhealthy way to consume fruit but I'm pretty sure you still get the vitamin C