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  • Your Favorite Comfort Foods

    My appetite improves during the colder months and I crave the the same things every year. In no particular order:

    Beef stew
    Grilled cheese sandwich & tomato soup
    Chili or chili dogs with grated cheese and chopped white onion

    Honorable mention goes to Totinos pizza. When I was a kid I'd spend the night at a cousin's house and my aunt would always make us Totinos, and we'd stay up all night playing Atari or watching music videos.

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    well now i'm craving all of those things. except tomato soup, i've never understood why certain drinks are defined as foods instead.

    i've never been able to wrap my head around the idea of comfort food though. i don't think any good food is uncomfortable? and almost all food is good. basically, i'm just happy to eat.


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      Now I want the pizza rolls--is that what you meant? or does Totinos actually make pizza?


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        Chicken and dumplings
        chicken pot pie
        Chicken noodle soup
        (i don't even like chicken that much lol)

        Really any kind of soup

        Spaghetti with heaps of parmesan cheese

        Fried bologna sandwiches with grilled onions and mayo. And a sweet tea on the side of that bitch

        Indian the dishes where everything is stewed in a sauce and then you can dip your Naan bread in, so good

        Also agree about Totinos, my mom always kept the fridge stocked with Totinos for lunch in the summer and I still buy it sometimes and devour it even though I know its terrible for me and always gives me a stomach ache
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          For me at any time of year my comfort food is rice.
          I can have anything with rice as it does me the world of good.

          My mum loves cooking her pea soup which is a dutch recipe.
          It's delicious but i won't have a lot of soup.

          These days i'm also prone to help my parents cook up some batch meals for me so that i can pinch to take home with me.

          So that's always good.

          I don't have a lot of take away foods.

          As i said i prefer to cook up a thing of rice and buy tins of flavoured tuna and chicken and have that.


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            Dark Chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate


            I usually have beans and potatoes as a dinner side dish.


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              Clam Chowder Bread Bowls


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                Could go some dolmades right about now



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                  Um......I'm Almost Afraid To Ask......What Are They...???..

                  Cheers Glen.