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What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?

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  • What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?

    I would have to say one of those small paper cups in jail. I was acting out and placed in a seclusion room where I had water and a paper cup and decided I would eat the cup just because I was hungry , but more importantly, I wanted to be able to say I honestly ate a cup without it being an exaggeration, so I just chewed off chunks and swallowed them with water like pills till the whole cup was gone. And I was so proud of myself for being a hardcore soldier and eating my cup!

    Next weirdest thing I've ever eaten was living small fish that you can swallow while they are still alive.

    I hear in some Asian countries they will serve you shrimp that is still alive until you start chewing on it for quality guaranteed freshness. Have you ever eaten that?

    Truth is, if you eat hot dogs regularly, you have probably eaten some mouse or rat because I knew a guy who worked where hot dogs are made and rats and mice do get ground up with hot dogs.

    The fda regulations set an allowable percentage of rat hair that can be in hot dogs before they cannot be sold for consumption..its a very low level, but just the idea that any is allowed is disturbing...i still eat them however, i just try not to think about it too often...if we really examined most of what we eat , we wouldn't buy food from China definitely, as they make fake food out of toxic chemicals or sell rat as bacon.

    Have you ever eaten frog legs from a bull frog you caught? I have. It's actually decilicious , I just didn't like how my friends were cutting off the legs of frogs and letting them walk away without hoppers. It kinda destroyed my appetite.

    Another weird thing I ate was a cantaloupe while I was homeless and trippin. It was the manner in which I ate it that was unique. Ate it like an apple , one bite at a time because I had no silverware.

    I saw a reality show once where a guy was addicted to eating plastic bags to the point it was destroying his health. It's a weird world we live in. Some people eat airplanes it seems. A man literally downed this Cessna 150:

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    couscous. i like almost all food, but i can't figure out why that shit exists.


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      couscous is healthier version of rice.

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    Not me by my old man and one of my brothers had sheep balls once. It was served at a restaurant in Queenscliffe. Fair to say we never went to that restaurant ever again.


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      Originally posted by Undies
      couscous. i like almost all food, but i can't figure out why that shit exists.
      the food so nice they named it twice


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        moose tongue