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    A few months ago when I started hiking with the daughter unit and her dogs it was hell on my knees. Just moving them sounded like I was rolling marbles in my hand. I've tried Glucosamine a few times over the years and the results were nil. Some of the codgers I know told me that I just need to get the "good" glucosamine. I bought a $35 bottle of it and the results were also nil.

    So a few months ago I was at Sprouts and decided to try yet again since I had it on good faith the stuff actually works for some people I know. But what brand to pick? I went with a brand that didn't have all kinds of crazy advertising on the bottle. So I went with this stuff:

    71Qm7bGfd7L._AC_SX569_.jpg 71w1ZBO%2B1eL._AC_SL1500_.jpg

    After 3 months I no longer have gravel in my knees, my ankles don't hurt and my back even seems to be better (that's probably because of all the exercise). Apparently Glucosamine has to build up in some way, which makes me a tad concerned that this will become a habit for life. I'm scared to go off of it lest the pain returns. I don't know how it works. The only clue is the warning that it contains "shellfish".
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