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How important is it for a child to have a strong, responsible, Father figure?

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  • How important is it for a child to have a strong, responsible, Father figure?

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    Most people aren't going to have a strong responsible Father figure in their lives growing up, because the media, entertainment industry, society, peers, coworkers, and whatever , is constantly telling men to be worthless or irresponsible.

    But my Mother's second husband (6 foot 6 Vietnam Vet with purple hearts), despite being physically abusive and yelling and beating us, would have actually taught me how to act my age and be responsible, but he got killed in a car wreck four days after my mother gave birth to his first child. (I know right, friggin weird. He was the happiest guy in the world with the newborn baby in his arms, and four days later dead in an accident with a semi truck. We are never promised tomorrow, and despite all the promises in Scripture, God isn't going to protect you from sudden unexpected death at any moment).

    I have met a lot effeminate men, homosexuals, transgenders, and transvestites in Jails, Irts facilities, hospitals, and group homes, and one thing I always ask them about is what their relationship was like with their Father. Typically their father was absent, or he was an unloving neglectful irresponsible alcoholic or something, and they simply were not affirmed in their masculinity, or were severely abused.

    There are many exceptions to that rule (I just never met one), and I'm not saying that gay people would be straight if they had a strong Father figure ( to throw the ball with them and take them fishing or whatever). I'm saying I see a correlation I can't dismiss.

    I watched Sy Rogers speak, and he said the same thing so many say. He had no Father figure to observe to learn how to be a responsible man, all he had was a mother, so he observed her and imitated her and became a very effeminate homosexual as a result , who was going to actually have his gender changed entirely, and was in the process, when he had an epiphany. Long story short, he's straight now and has a wife.

    Now , most Fatherless males don't turn out gay , but in my experience the ones that aren't , are often angry, violent, sociopathic, criminal minded, drug addicted, or mentally ill heterosexuals. Yes, I know, there has to be exceptions to that rule, but I'm simply saying I spent 22 months in Pine Hills Youth Correctional facility, and countless time in hospitals , group homes, jails, institutions, homeless shelters, Irts facilities, and beyond, so have seen this enough, and have enough discernment , that my instincts are simply unable to be convinced otherwise.

    Common sense and rational thought. If a puppy is neglected and unloved, and it reaches adulthood like that, it will turn out far more predisposed to all types of disorders that make it a bad pet, some of them unreversible. Compared to if the puppy had been loved and had responsible owners who train it to be conditioned with good habits regularly anyway.

    In Montana , I've seen wolves, Grizzly bears, and Mountain Lions at this place called "Wild Eyes" that were tame enough to play with children. That is possible only through loving , handling, hand-feeding, and petting the animal frequently from the time it's very young.

    Those same animals are mauling and killing people in Montana. My point being, how people are raised plays a huge role in how vicious or kind they will be to people. To create dogs for a dog fight , the dog is abused early on and trained to kill. It could have been trained to love and it would have loved. The damage is simply irreversible once it reaches adulthood. I'm not saying people are dogs but I think you get my point.

    How important do you think a strong, responsible, virtuous Father figure is, to have a psychologically and emotionally healthy, mature, adult, chivalrous male, in our sick society?
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    I didn't have one of those and I'm perfectly fine

    Well I'm off to a night of watching true crime docs alone with my cat now


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        Very important. Of course, my mom passed away right before I turned 10 so it was just my dad, brother and I. Until my evil wicked stepmother entered the picture.


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          Meliai in 10 years...



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            last year

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          Originally posted by tumbling.dice

          GLEN Earlier Today......

          Cheers Glen.


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            I like your robe.

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            It looks quite darling

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          does future mel have two refrigerators?


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            I had one of those and i'm pretty messed up.


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              Originally posted by Undies
              does future mel have two refrigerators?
              It's a side effect of not having a strong father figure. Cats and ample food storage


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                It’s important to have a father figure, especially if you’re a boy. Boys who grow up without a father figure tend to grow up to be sissy wimps, or domestic abusers.


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                  Muy importante


                  Women with strong, masculine and responsible father figures are very easy to date and have less confusing mental issues with short and long term relationships.


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                    Originally posted by Tropical Breeze
                    I had one of those and i'm pretty messed up.
                    A refrigerator?


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                      It's not a bad thing. But it's better to have no dad at all than an abusive one.

                      That is if we're measuring everything by self-esteem, confidence, and "sanity." Because adversity also has its silver lining.


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                        Originally posted by Pete's Draggun
                        Muy importante


                        Women with strong, masculine and responsible father figures are very easy to date and have less confusing mental issues with short and long term relationships.
                        I have been with women who have had no Father. Don't think I have been with a woman who had a responsible Father, and don't think I have been with a girl or woman who was healthy mentally

                        Been with some crazies.

                        That's actually an excellent point that maybe these girls that are always looking for attention and posting images of their body to get likes on facebook didn't get enough attention from their father, or they had no father figure , or he was just really irresponsible or neglectful or something.

                        I remember in jail in Kalispell, the craziest lady would rebel out and scream blood curdling screams for her Daddy. It was a bit disturbing. She was an adult.


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                          Years ago I would have said it's not all that important. Now I'm not sure. My dad died when I was a baby and my mom didn't remarry for the longest time because she thought it would be selfish for her to leave me with a babysitter while she started dating again. So it was just me and her growing up. She didn't go out again until I was in college.

                          She eventually met a great guy, married him, and now as an adult I have a stepdad. I love having him in my life, but I wish he was in my life sooner. I explained that to my mom, and she understood.


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                            Well....that....and she didn't trust any any male around you until you were a grown up