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Friends, family, hobbies, and sacrifice!

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    Friends, family, hobbies, and sacrifice!

    I don't know how people support a family and hobbies and pay bills, car insurance, and gas all at once.

    Then getting children insurance, enrollment in school, Doctors, Dentist appointments, and possibly having a child with special needs, is rebellious etc.

    I don't know how you parents do or did it? It sounds like huge sacrifice that borderlines on worse than death.

    I've known drug addicts that like to party who have 16 children before their late twenties (I worked with one as a paper delivery guy), but that isn't what I'm talking about.

    He has unprotected sex with many women and doesn't support the children. He isn't responsible.

    I'm talking about people living responsible lives. It sounds like it is simply overwhelming.

    Hobbies cost money and patience too usually.


      Then On Top Of All That......Along Comes Covid......

      Parents Lose Their Jobs And Live Locked In A

      Small Two Bedroom Flat With Three Kids

      Under Six.....

      I Really Don't Know How They Survive Without

      Killing Each Other......

      Cheers Glen.


        I’ve said it before. Single moms are American superheroes.

        I’ve paid for daycare before. It was like $1200 a month. I think after tax that’s like a $10 an hour job full time. The fuck could a single parent without a degree possibly supposed to do that?