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More About Herr Riddler's Mental Health

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    More About Herr Riddler's Mental Health

    I'm living in a tree. I hear the chimpanzees calling.

    I feel the ostracization of other chimpanzees.

    I am a monkey in a tree.

    Throw feces at a human being.

    Tell me I'm crazy and that I need to be more sane.

    You could surely do it, were you crazy.

    I'd like to have a duty to do. A nobleman who knew my value, a King to be his jester and thereby most terrifying knight.

    Who among you is of any value to me? Forgetting, for once, that I am to be of worth to you.

    I can do anything, in a just world, and for a noble cause.

    I would like to wake up and be the man who performed simple but necessary tasks. But, lawdy, who was appreciated. Fetching wrenches, throwing tires.

    Not calculating, except in prose, for I am a million monkeys at a typewriter.

    Now, your worst, haberdashery disguised as halfassery and what nots. I am in the mood and do desire thee.

    If you can make this chimp a man, so let it be done. Or just ridicule him for what he most certainly is: a chimpanzee.