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Practice Makes Perfect

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    Practice Makes Perfect

    I've given myself something to do, which is to practice having a collected, peaceful, and respectful conscience.

    I will do this by speaking aloud to myself at times as well.

    Last night my mind was invaded, waltzed into, as it were, by someone else's voice.

    "Lots of space up here," it said, in a self-centered way.

    "Welcome," my mind seethed. And the voice hasn't bothered me since.

    It was helpful, though, as it made me realize that some people probably just inhabit these psyches that are full of themselves.

    And it made me realize that mine sounds like the winds of Hell themselves.

    It also made me realize that that is probably something we should contemplate more, the inner voice.

    No one would look at me and assume how seething my inner dialogue can be. It isn't directed hatred; it's just pain. It's broken.

    But it makes me realize anything can be hiding behind a calculated exterior. Though I tend to give most people the benefit of the doubt.

    I am set on calculating an inner conscience for myself. I want it to be very pleasant.