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Sleep Deprivation

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    Sleep Deprivation

    May as well create a thread for it. There's a small part of my brain that's just like "stay up! why not. go oooon. see what happens" but I don't think I'm going to listen.

    I just closed my eyes in the bath and literally instantly began dreaming that someone was lining up a wicker basket with something, a line on the floor? and then Dwight Schrute was going to redo it because it was wrong but I knew it wasn't wrong, he was going to be pedantic and move it half an inch and i (with my actual awake body) sat up and grabbed at the basket with my hands to stop him. Realised I was awake and no basket and it felt like when a cartoon character wakes up from a dream performing the action. It's just so weird because that all happened so fast. I should go and try to WILD technique into a lucid dream.

    Anyone can post anything about their own sleep deprivation or just interesting facts and stories and records about it, if they want.

    I tried to do it again and I can't on demand, I feel too tense about it. Imagine if I couldn't fall asleep now lol

    i've had those half awake dreams several times lately. i don't think it necessarily even correlates with sleep deprivation for me, it's just been happening randomly when i'm in bed trying to fall asleep (although now that i think about it, it does only seem to happen when i'm particularly tired).

    or maybe it's just that i actually fell asleep for only a few seconds and started dreaming instantly? i don't know, weird feeling either way.

    normally sleep deprivation doesn't do much to me except make me feel really tired. i've had minor hallucinations a couple times, but only things like seeing someone out of the corner of my eye that isn't really there. i did mention in another thread, in miami there were a couple times just before bed that i just lost all ability to have actual thoughts and interact intelligently with the world around me. just kind of went into autopilot, and i almost felt trapped in my head, like i was aware of my existence and where i was, but for example if someone had said something to me, i don't think i would have been capable of formulating a response. this was a new sensation for me, and not very enjoyable (worth it due to the fun causes of sleep deprivation, of course).


      I slept for maybe 3-4 hours a night of very broken sleep every night for a good year last year and yet never have I ever been as tired as I was driving home from the Atlanta Airport the other day. Like scared I was going to fall asleep at the wheel kinda tired

      the year I had insomnia was weird, I was pretty severely sleep deprived and never slept more than 2 hours at a time but it didn't seem to affect me much. I didn't get sleepy during the daytime.
      I was extremely irritable all the time then though, never connected it to my lack of sleep but that would make sense


        Yeah, i've definitely had/have sleep deprivation. Red eyes, eye twitching, moodiness. I remember riding the train and dosing off while standing and catching myself from falling. Or catching myself from leaning on someone's shoulder while sitting on the train. Twice a customer caught me dosing off at work when i was at the bank. Luckily they found it funny. Its of my own doing. Choosing to be highly physically active. My body probably needs much more rest and sleep than the average person because of it. Its one of reasons why i wish there were 30 hours in a day instead of just 24.

        A few times i felt like i was about to dose off while showering. Scary thought if i suddenly fell.


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          Right.. I got out of the bath after writing this post. Didn't feel the safest place to be!

        When I worked a day and overnight job, I meditated on breaks, which seemed to stave off effects of sleep deprivation. Well that and some caffeine.

        Sans meditation, my body effectively shuts down at ~36 hours of no sleep and then I have a couple more hours to get to sleep. I've had a few drug induced sleep deprived episodes on obscure chemicals where I've been up longer and I've experienced psychosis and paranoia that makes a lot of the conspiracy thoughts on here seem tame by comparison.

        But in general, I have more of an issue with restless sleep than insomnia or sleep deprivation.


          I remember a crazy trip to India ( Cochin ) my boss booked my return trip from the wrong airport that was already a six hour drive away ! then I had a long layover in Mumbai and I cant sleep at airports when I got home I had already accumulated enough hours that I didnt have to work the next week but I was shagged out also a couple of China trips where I drank too much before getting on the plane ! horrible feeling getting drunk, coming down and getting a hangover all on the same flight !

          one time the driver took us straight to the AA disco from the airport after a 14 hour flight three drinks and I was comatose


            I've eliminated screen time like an hour before bed now, and it's been helpful to getting a sustained night's sleep. Sleep deprivation is no joke. ?


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              That sounds like a plan !

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              mallyboppa - It really works. I used to spend time on TF at night before bed, but no more. Sacrifices!!