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Stretched so hard in bed

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  • Stretched so hard in bed

    This Christmas morning......

    While laying in bed, after a restful deep slumber, I stretched my limbs, toes, finger tips downward sooooo hard that......

    I got dizzy and lightheaded when I released the 8 second bodily stiffness and had a tad millisecond, of almost passing out.

    It was a weird and slightly alarming feeling, I over did that stretch.

    I know for a fact though, Santa coming had nothing to do with it.

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    Many heart attacks happen right after a person wakes up from sleep over night. I often feel palpitation right after waking up. As for stretching. Ive to rotate my neck soon after waking, it often causes me to see stars in the my closed eye vision field. Sometimes get streaking stars with eyes open. Then jokingly I say "computer run diagnostic"..


    • Pete's Draggun
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      Editing a comment

      I had the streaking stars too..... but forgot to mention in OP

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    It's age folks. Wait till you start getting craps in weird muscle groups like your lats, jaw and the top of your feet. The blood pressure thing is no shit though. I've had the whole show, even vertigo as I got up from bed. I did find that melatonin seemed to make this more apparent, so I'm not taking it nightly anymore.

    One thing I have noticed though is that I get more hard core bell-ringing pot hits these days. I also seem to get stoned a lot faster. And I end up going to bed at 8PM. I'm morphing into an actual geezer.


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      we've all gotten light headed after releasing the morning stiffness, but not usually from stretching.


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        Did you have morning wood as well?, you have to factor in that volume also