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My stupid arm came out of socket for the fifth time!

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  • My stupid arm came out of socket for the fifth time!

    yesterday my right arm popped out of socket for the fifth time.

    I'm going to need surgery.

    The MRI shows the bone is broken, so it did not just simply pop out of socket.

    All I could think about as I was suffering, because it took them forever to anesthetize, do x-rays, and put it back into place, was that scene in passion of Christ when Christ's arms were pulled out of socket.

    Also, with crucifixion victims, they often break their legs , so that they suffocate more quickly.

    So, I offered up my suffering as my cross to carry, especially for victims of war who are wounded, see their friends die, then captured and tortured on top of their suffering, without anesthesia. Sounds like hell!

    As I was thinking about the horrors of war, I called my Dad to hear that Russia invaded Ukraine, not long before my arm came out of socket.

    Probably just a coincidence that I was thinking of victims of war most of the time during my misery, where my arm was dangling, not aware of Russia at war with Ukraine.

    All I did was lift my arm very quickly when a staff was refusing to give me my prescription prn medication. The first two times it came out were from police.

    I guess it could be a lesson to grow up , and if I have an outburst of anger, my arm comes out of socket.

    Surgery can tighten it up, but the more an arm dislocates, it comes out more easily, so I'll try and get that surgery as soon as possible.

    One thing being in a lot of pain makes me want to do, is make less pain in our world, not create more of it.

    Pain and suffering is something I will have to offer to my higher power as a cross, as our Lady of Fatima commanded, otherwise it loses meaning.
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    5 is the number of man. This is the 5tb time. The Son of Man cometh. You are Jesus Christ.


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      5 is the number of man. This is the 5tb time. The Son of Man cometh. You are Jesus Christ.


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        Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
        5 is the number of man. This is the 5tb time. The Son of Man cometh. You are Jesus Christ.
        Well, you are in God's hand. If love means one human deeply caring about another person's well being and eternal happiness, then in that sense I love you Neonspectraltoast, and pray some day you be Saint Andrew!

        I pray and hope God, the Omnimax, the omnipresent, the omnipotent, the Angels, the Saints, and every good Spirit entity will bless you, enlighten you, fill you with joy, give you a happy death, and a blissful eternity!

        This life is short and fragile, very fleeting, and things that we want, are often deceptive and bad for us. The cross (suffering) leads to perfection and the glorious resurrection!

        Is 5 the number of man?


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          The fact that this arm comes out of socket so easy could be an actual blessing in disguise.

          I used to be a man who likes to be restrained, fight police, and brawl with people, and physically fight men who anger me

          (I do not hit women even if they hit me first though.)

          I actually owe restitution currently for punching my fist through the windshield of a squad car , around the time there were riots about George Floyd who was killed in my city.

          Since my arm comes out of socket so easily, and it's extremely painful, I never want to fight again or be restrained.

          Being so fragile in my dominant arm that I punch with, and in so much pain, makes me want to be as kind to people as possible, grow up, and try to relieve suffering in this world rather than cause more of it!

          Does that sound like a blessing in disguise?


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            If you know it's a blessing, you have seen through its disguise. Maybe the whole of life is a blessing in disguise.


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              Originally posted by Matthew Mussolini

              Does that sound like a blessing in disguise?

              It Most Certainly Does Sound Like A Blessing To All The People

              You Were Planning To Punch In The Future......

              Cheers Glen.