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Why make your bed daily?

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    Why make your bed daily?

    So I am all about having a clean and tidy room and organized house. I sometimes fail to have such, but I'm all about having such.

    However, every time you make a bed, you mess it up again later in the day (unless you're on certain drugs where you don't sleep or have really bad insomnia.)

    For something that you're going to mess up again every single day, I fail to see what the benefits are of a making a
    bed daily.

    A clean and organized house is good, because then you can find things better and it causes less stress. Maybe a bed that's made causes less stress? I don't know! Not so with me! I really don't care!

    I understand, making a bed to please somebody else, but if somebody else is not involved in the inspection or something, what's the point?

    (This is definitely one of those Shakespearean questions, very deep, something mankind has been pondering forever! )

    Choose the best poll answer
    I make my bed almost every day
    I usually do not make my bed unless someone is inspecting it

    I understand bathing daily (although Doctors say daily bathing is bad for you) and good hygiene, to avoid smelling bad.

    It is a courtesy to those around you.

    Maybe making your bed is a courtesy if you're having company who's going to be in your room. I can understand that much


      I did make my bed this morning without it being a requirement, I just questioned why I did it is all.


        There's some rousing speech somewhere about how making your bed is the way to change your life. I took up doing so and I have found that I do prefer to come to a made bed in the evening. It's much nicer to get into a made bed than an unmade one.

        I think it's a symbolic act. An unmade bed reflects a different state of mind. By making it as your first act of the day, you're setting an intention for how you want to live life. Or something.


          I don't make my bed, either.


            I Make My Bed Every Single Day.....

            Doing So Gives Me A Sense Of Achivement As

            I Leave The Room.....And A Nice Feeling Every Time

            I Walk Through It.

            Usually Leave It For At Least 20 Minutes To "Air"

            Before Pulling Up The Covers.....

            Cheers Glen.


              I used to make my bed every day when I was with my ex because he would thrash around in his sleep and the covers were always in a tangled knot on the floor every morning

              I dont really need to make the bed anymore, the bed is basically still made when I get out of it. I guess i dont move around much in my sleep. I usually pull the covers down neatly to expose the sheet when I get up because I've heard exposing your sheets to sunlight kills dust mites


                I make mine daily because I live in a very old house and dust rains down upon every horizontal surface. This dust can also contain a lot of pollen and dog hair. I don't want that on me when I sleep, so I pull the sheets and duvet across the entire bed, pillows and all. As if I was spreading a tarp over it. I also wash the sheets weekly.

                I started doing this because of allergies, but it's good practice for anyone who breathes!


                  I think the premise of the famous speech is that if you make your bed, you've started the day by accomplishing something, then once you've done one thing you will continue accomplishing things all day. It doesn't really make sense to me, unless you make a real mess of your bed it takes about 3 seconds to make it, so I don't see getting any real sense of accomplishment from such a silly little thing. Why not start with brushing your teeth? That's harder, and more important, so to me it seems like a better way to start achieving things anyway. I actually prefer not making my bed, because I sometimes sweat at night and I want to let it air out.

                  There is a real benefit if you're playing the Sims though. For some reason, an unmade sim bed attracts roaches.


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                    Yes that's right. Well, it worked on me. Since I watched that speech it bothers me to not make my bed. Btw I do what Mel does and pull the covers back.. it gets more air than if I didn't make it.

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                    I didn't even watch the full speech.