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Would you permit poop if you were omnipotent?

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    Would you permit poop if you were omnipotent?

    For most of the existence of mankind, people pooped some where without plumbing and didn't have toilet paper to wipe their ass, vaginas, or deodorant, for the underarms, pads, tampons, running water to bathe, or wash your sack! This is a total outrage,the thought of going days without washing my scrotum with soap and water

    Not to mention, I have had to care for a Dementia patient who couldn't even feed himself or wash his sack! Many people are drooling vegetables!

    Were I omnipotent, bodily discharges would either smell like roses or not be a thing really.

    I mean, I get that the body has many organs which cause waste to exit! If it has to be that way, fine!

    But I wouldn't permit poop! At least nothing like the loaves people currently pinch! Without exception, unless you are female, your shit smells offensive and unbearable!

    Spoiler It's a joke. I heard some one say female waste smells better than a guys

    Not to mention, were I omnipotent, you would have to use the restroom far less! Imagine how much of our lives are spent passing waste or getting to a restroom to drop a deuce or urinate!

    It is very unpleasant when you have to go and you can't get to a restroom! It could eventually be torture, inconvenient, isn't right, and think about all the homeless people!

    Imagine how much better earth would be if we urinated and defecated less, or if urine and feces had a pleasant smell (sweet-scented)?

    So, if you were omnipotent, would people secrete waste as much as we do? Would people give off as many unpleasant odors via underarm, vagina, scrotum sweat and other sweat, or odors of other bodily secretions, if you were all-powerful?

    I just feel sorry for people who live in third world countries! I think you would be shocked to know what percentage of people do not have plumbing, and cannot bathe regularly due to lack of running water!

    But I suppose, the cross and suffering is temporary! Hopefully things will be better on the other side! No bad odors in the kingdom of Heaven, decent plumbers, running water, non-offensive scrotums!

    People a thousand years ago cared about bad smells. Those who lived 1,000 years ago do not anymore!

    Carry your cross in this life for greater reward , glory, perfection, wealth, beauty, and exaltation in the next!



    I can't answer this right now. Too deep in thought.


      WELL.......It's 9-15am Here And GLEN Was Just About To Have A Poop.

      BUT......Now I Realise My Odour Will Offend All Of Mankind, I'm Going To

      Hold On Indefinatly......

      If Perchance I Explode Mr Matthew, I Will Hold You Personally Responsible......

      Cheers Glen.


        I guess, for me, God is synonymous with the natural world, and I don't think It can help it. Yet, obviously, this was conducive to life.

        I don't believe, necessarily, in magical omnipotence...the ability to alter reality on a whim.

        It's up to us to work to change our reality. But I like the smell of poop sometimes, and I'd like to take a big dump.


          If God exists Its not like a human except with unlimited power and possibilities so I can't really go along in seriousness with the question in the OP. I do think neonspectraltoast makes a lot of sense here.

          If something like a god is responsible for our existence I don't think we were designed. It would be an indirect creation. Perhaps (what we call) God did not have anything like us in mind before we came to be through organic processes on this planet. Not even sure (what we call) God has a mind btw


            if i were omnipotent, i would have poop constantly leaking out 24/7 in a steady trickle.


              I somewhat appreciate your "crappy" outlook, Undies

              But I think unwashed vaginas and sweaty scrotums would likely smell better.
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