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Did I qualify as quadriplegic?

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    Did I qualify as quadriplegic?

    Is there a such thing as being a temporary quadriplegic, and did I qualify?

    I have had so many injuries and broken bones , that I could not crawl anywhere, (don't recall moving arms) was fed through a tube going into my stomach, could not talk , with tubes coming out of the throat.

    I could silently pray and hope in God, Angels, friends in heaven, or could simply do nothing but vegetate in total hopeless misery. It took a while to even remember how I put myself there!

    Hope none of you ever actually experience that, unless you are so old and dying that it is part of the normal process of dying , ( not from some traumatic injury).

    I had no ability to communicate with people, not knowing sign language, and you probably have no idea how annoying it is having tubes chronically coming out your throat and mouth.

    But simply could not move, not even wheel myself around in a wheelchair.

    Does that qualify as being quadriplegic temporarily?

    Was numb in some areas, but others were extremely painful, so if that is what some people are going through in Ukraine and Yemen, some in worse agony than that, I can't help but feel rage at a God who would create creatures who would suffer that kind of excruciating torture and agony!

    But it is temporary, and they may have great reward for the cross they carry. When the rich man died in Christ's parable, Abraham told the rich man, "you had good things in this life. Abraham had evil things. Now Abraham is consoled and comforted, and you suffer"!

    That parable really kind of glorifies suffering terrible things in this life, for greater reward in the next.

    At the same time I praise my creator, grateful to walk and now even run short distances.

    Used to run twelve miles straight without stopping, and will never long distance run again, unless inevitable knee replacement surgery goes really well or something!

    But how about we all be truly grateful, that we can walk, if you can. The best thing I can take from those months confined to a wheelchair is: THE ABILITY TO WALK IS EXTREMELY UNDERATED and super underappreciated!

    You're just glorifying your own pain. Besides, all your pain you did to yourself. Some of us are victims.

    No, you're not paraplegic (obviously.) You couldn't even be construed that way. You jumped off a roof (like a complete fool) and had your arm pulled out of its socket.

    Get over yourself.


      No offense, Matt. You need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

      Of course, I could be completely wrong.


        I was raised by someone whose agenda was to put me in an early grave, sympathies run afoul.

        You just need to follow the path that's afforded to you. Take all the breaks you can get. But you're not paraplegic.


          You know? I forgive you taking all the breaks you can get. Your life is beyond the pale of normality. And fortunately we have a society that makes way for this.


            I didn't say I am paralyzed, but asking if there is a such thing as a temporary quadriplegic?

            Obviously I have been a victim of more than myself. I had an abusive, irresponsible mother, who prescribed me an addictive chemical, turning me into a junkie age 11. My Dad kidnapped me after mom won custody, and tried to raise me in Portugal, a different country, and I have been beaten and stabbed in prison.

            But I can't complain. Some people suffer far worse, and have no grace from God, and are paralyzed for life, burned and mutilated head to toe, from violent people, and have limbs removed by evil regimes.

            Some people are literally starving lepers, have no hope, no freedom, only torture, agony, and being despised!

            I'm a lucky one who has it easy compared to hundreds of millions!


              Yesterday cannot be changed
              tomorrow is no guarantee
              today has a smoke screen that must be navigated.
              Focus will be needed today to get to our destination. Kindness and patience is on order today to survive


                Sorry, Matt. That was rude of me.


                  Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
                  Sorry, Matt. That was rude of me.
                  No problem buddy! I know life has been far from easy for you, and I'm always willing to accept an apology even if it is 70X7 times!

                  I have screwed up enough and experienced enough mercy, that it would be wrong to judge others.

                  I hope you are doing okay!


                    Thanks, Matt. I can't complain!


                      Originally posted by webMD
                      Quadriparesis is a condition in which you have muscle weakness in all four of your limbs (both legs and both arms). Also called tetraparesis, this weakness and diminished mobility can be temporary or permanent.

                      Unlike quadriplegia — which is a full paralysis or inability to move all four limbs — quadriparesis is characterized by overall weakness in your arms and legs, but you can still feel and move your limbs.

                      Quadriparesis can be caused by illness or injury. If you have quadriparesis, your individual treatment and long-term outlook will depend on the underlying cause of your condition.
                      it sounds like this is more like the situation you had.


                        I absolutely do not underappreciate my ability to walk. I think about it often.


                          I have given women orgasms so intense they become fully paralyzed for several seconds.


                            Originally posted by 6-eyed View Post
                            I have given women orgasms so intense they become fully paralyzed for several seconds.
                            that is what I am talking about!! Paralyzing cunnilingus