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Never eating unhealthy for a day again

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    Never eating unhealthy for a day again

    Today I went reckless on my diet. And now my body is punishing me.

    I have lots of things I need to do around the house and for work, but today I had the life drained out of me.

    Basically I broke all my dietary rules of low gluten, no cholesterol, reduced triglycerides, and carbs.

    I was basically in a food hangover when I should've been getting shit done.

    Now my lower back muscles are killing me. I think Yoga exercises would work.

    Gonna hit the hay right now. I'm writing this down to hold myself accountable that I won't repeat this tomorrow. Or the day after that!

    Lets see how it goes.

    A Quiet Glass Of Red, In Front Of Your Fire......With The Hound At Your Feet......

    And All Those Nasty Pains Would Dissolve Into Yesterday.....

    Cheers Glen.


      Most diets are bad for you to have anyway.
      No carbs is actually worse for you. Carbohydrates give you energy.

      All you need to do is if you are having a ham and cheese breadroll is add some lettuce, tomato, grated carrot, beetroot and the like to it and you will be eating healthy.

      Stay away from all those diet softdrinks you have been drinking. They are doing more harm than good.
      Replace them with a waterbottle where you have your own water.


        When it's dinner time at your place look at one thing you love that needs to be on the plate. Then put vegies in there that you might not like the taste of but you can tolerate.
        If it's a pasta dish add the vegies too it.
        Lasange is nice with some vegies in it.



          If you work out every day, you can afford a certain amount of "bad" food in your diet without facing any consequences.


            Some people have a very all-or-nothing view of, well, everything.


              All people are that way.


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              Just eating grass fed steak would be best.


                Owsley Stanley on a low carb forum.
                ​​​​​​A long and fiery thread.

                Owsley Stanley, a.k.a. “The Bear,” best known for the sound system he created for The Grateful Dead and manufacturing a very high quality LSD, was a Zero Carb Carnivore for 50 years. He participated in a low carb forum where he shared his experience with and knowledge about eating a diet comprised entirely of animal foods. These pearls were collected and organized by Michael Goldstein, creator of the website Just Meat, and saved as a free PDF file. Enjoy!
                The Bear’s Words of Wisdom


                  I agree that if you're healthy and active you can have "bad food" in your diet.. but I agree with 6 that a whole day of terrible food just makes me feel not good.. like, a short term thing, not even worrying about actual health effect.

                  So if I'm going to eat unhealthily for one meal I'll probably be healthy the rest of the day and that never causes a problem.


                    You got this dude. I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you've caved to your impulses and feel that regret. It's all good. You haven't lost any progress, you're still in the same place so you can keep going forward

                    Proud of you!


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