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Dying is fun!

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  • Dying is fun!

    I'm totally dying. It's great.

    It doesn't have to be a drag

    We all gotta see what's on the other side.

    Dying only sucks when you choose to make it into something shitty.

    All these people staying clean and organized and trying to get ahead in life are resisting the inevitable which is death and decomposition.

    If you don't feel shabby because you live in luxury, you will.

    Truth is, you're living in a nightmare.

    Everyone is death's bitch and God's bitch. tenor (5).gif

    The two are tag teaming everyone and killing everyone.

    10 out of 10 people get martyred and crucified.

    images (39).jpeg

    All these people who pretend they are sane, clean, and strong and have a bank account are kidding themselves.

    Hitler said it best, "the money you have when you die, is money you worked for that some Jewish vermin gets to enjoy".

    Or Mussolini said it best to Hitler when he saw him looking nervous as they were both in a plane flying over the Eastern Theatre, "I hope the Russians shoot this plane down Adolf.

    One plane down and the Duce and Führer are dead. We are all Jewish vermin pretending we aren't, embellishing our rotting corpses destined for the grave. Haven't you ever tried laughing at your demise." -from Rachel Mussolini's biography

    image_7465.jpg bce.jpg

    Hitler saw Mussolini hanging upside down. Said, "I warned him that his love for the Jews would destroy him. The Jews won't ever do that to me."

    Hitler committed suicide shortly after.

    Oddly enough. They both won the war.

    The European Union is a German dominated Empire exalting Charlemagne, the founder of the first Reich, they give out Charlemagne prizes, Charlemagne coins, Charlemagne pages.

    Charlemagne was the most successful violent Christian war criminal and Führer. The Duce was nice compared to him.

    Augusto Pinochet was the Fascist savior of South America who won support from the USA.

    Francisco Franco , Mussolini's pupil was America's ally in the cold war.

    Vladimir Putin is a total Mussolini who put Church and state in the same bed, keeps prayer in schools, meddles in elections, seized Crimea with a slap on the wrist.

    Donald Trump is called the reincarnation of Mussolini and has Putin's support if he refuses to concede.

    Victor Orban is called Charlemagne and Hungary's Mussolini, defender of Europe.

    Italy worships Mussolini and adores his relatives, demanding a Fascist Museum at his place of birth.

    Franco had his remains moved recently because his ghost was becoming too powerful.

    The tomb of Mussolini draws more pilgrims than the tomb of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

    Fascism in Japan is on the rise under a different name. The God of Japan, Hirohito, the greatest Fascist , never actually renounced his Divinity.

    He said he wasn't God, but never said he wasn't a descendant of Amaterasu, the female Samurai island girl who crushed 140,000 mongolian's with a Divine wind. She is considered greatest Kami, greater than God.

    Hirohito totally was God , because he remained in power after being the man people saw as the worst war criminal of the Axis powers.

    ​​​​​He made Japan a greater economy than China, Germany, and the Soviet Union by the time he died in 1989. He was the most incredible son of a bitch that ever was.

    So, Hitler, Mussolini, and Emperor Hirohito won that war.

    At least Mussolini won if you study his goals and objectives. His goals, "Destruction of the Soviet Union, United States of Europe antibolshivek block, Fascist Russia, Mission accomplished!

    This isn't a pro Fascist thread.

    It is about death, crucifixion, resurrection, achieving dreams after death, and enjoying the martyrdom.

    Look death in the eyes and say " Fuck you! Bring it on bitch!"

    That isn't just a Fascist philosophy. It was the philosophy of Christ and countless Saints of many religions.