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Do You Get Depressed During The Holidays?

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    Do You Get Depressed During The Holidays?

    I do. I loved Christmas as a kid...I guess we all did. (Except for non-Christians.) Now it's a minor struggle to keep it together. I miss my family, most of whom are no longer here. The days are getting shorter, it's dark when I get off from work, it's cold. My favorite day this time of year is January 2nd. All the festivities are over and things can finally start getting back to normal.

    Short answer no i don't.

    Long answer

    You might be bored because you don't like waiting around for christmas to arrive.

    Look for things to do to the lead up to the big day.
    That way it's a sense of fun.

    Have you guys done your christmas shopping?
    Get that done!

    Then get the wrapping done.

    How i spend any holidays is simply here at my place.
    I visit my parents twice a week.

    If you are still bored shitless look at planning for NYE.

    If you have kids or grandkids spoil them rotten.


      I don't get depressed because I don't let other people tell me what my expectations are supposed to be. There's a line in a famous song, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." It's okay to disagree with that thought. I prefer warm weather. It's a personal choice.


        Once covid19 has been dealt with you should fly to australia where it's warmer at this time of year.


          I'm always depressed. I have no one to spend the holidays with, and all my memories are unhappy. Christmas was just another fight every year. At least I get to stay home.


          • Sooz
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            That's just you though.
            It's because you already have a mental illness. That makes you feel bad too.
            cheer up.

          I get depressed in the winter. Not so much during the holidays though. I always have a good amount of vacation time left in December so I take most of the month off, hard to get depressed like that.


            I do what I can not to allow it


              i attribute it more to winter...or lack of daylight

              one of my favourite days of the year is the 21st of december because the days start to get longer


              • 6-eyed
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                I get better sleep in the darker days of winter


              I welcome those days. It's an opportunity to get together with friends, family, gf's and co-workers.

              Not even some anniversial days get me depressed. Mine and Misty's wedding anniversary was yesterday. All I did was speak to her memorial picture for a few minutes in remembrance and then went on and had a great day doing my usual favorite things.

              Life's way to short for me to be depressed at any time for any day of the month. I'm getting better with age in mind and body.. Full credit goes to me and all my hard work. However, my grief counseling and Life coaching gave me the tools to be successful.

              I don't mind shorter daylight hour months either, I get way more sleep and R&R.


                I've Learnt Over The Years That Life Is Way Too Short To Waste On Being Depressed......

                And Way Too Short To Waste On People Who Continually Create "Dramas".......

                I Walk Away From Both.....

                Cheers Glen.


                  I understand the spirit of this thread, but I think it's an oversimplification in the responses; there seems to be an implication that many people make a choice to be depressed around the holidays. I think the reality is much more complex than that.