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Enormous evidence suggests women are the more healthy gender, possibly stronger too..

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    Enormous evidence suggests women are the more healthy gender, possibly stronger too..

    I hate those fruit cakes who try to make it look like women are just as good at hard combat or are just as good on average at being a fire-person or cop. If a woman is best at lifting a paralyzed fatso out of his wheelchair and carry him down a flight of stairs in a burning building, give her the job. That is an exception to the rule though.

    (I'm partially joking but if the job involves carrying a fat human being down a flight of steps, the guy will on average do better).
    I love women wearing uniforms who fire guns and I always flirt with female cops when I get arrested, couldnt imagine a world without female police
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    but men on average are going to outdo women at dealing with some dude on drugs with his adrenaline going (but usually the female cops don't pull a George Floyd. Male police ripped my arm out of socket twice by the way. Never had that problem with women.). So, I have mixed feelings about it...

    I think our culture teaches men to be selfish, effeminate, immature wimps. And there is a problem with being an effeminate man imho. But I don't consider all qualities seen more in women to be weaknesses.

    Shedding tears is very healthy, healing, a strength, and mature btw.

    Female mammals do not always have qualities that are intrinsically more weak. I lived for years in Montana, and a mother grizzly bear or cougar is the most likely to charge into a hunter whose bullets at times dont stop her and maul him possibly to death.

    Female spiders can grow 15 times larger than a male, live way longer, and usually eat men the first time they have sex... (that isn't exactly a strength, but still...)

    Also, in humans, the fact that men die earlier on average , might go to show men are not the stronger gender.

    11.5% of males over 12 have a substance use disorder, compared to 6.4% of females. This also is sign of a weakness more prevalent in the male gender.

    Men also are more likely to commit suicide. (In my defense, it takes courage to jump off a building onto concrete) But it takes more courage to not kill yourself.

    Men are more likely to rape people, abuse people, molest children, enslave shit loads of people and take them away as "booty", be murderers, school shooters, serial killers, war criminals , and evil Dictators (not all Dictators are evil though...and yes, I've heard of bloody Mary. She was a good Catholic , and there are exceptions to every rule!)

    This is actually all evidence that women as a general rule have more strengths than men because
    the behavior of men is more immature and unhealthy on average.

    But yeah...women can't throw rocks very far and every man has a responsibility to shoot Nancy Pelosi , have Hillary Shitlon incarcerated, and despise radical feminists who think women need to be men or career is more important than nurturing children (my mom for example), but those really aren't good examples of female strengths.

    Women shouldn't be Olympic wrestlers or boxers against men in the same weight division, because they will on average get owned in the ring, but they might overall make better soldiers though now that we have machine guns.

    As much as I admire the unflinching courage of the kamikaze and banzai bayonet charges of the soldiers of Imperial Japan in WW2, they raped and tortured (as I cannot fathom) and took comfort women who were raped by a minimum of 20 soldiers a day, (and their vaginas burned with hot metal when they contracted STD'S). Something tells me if half of their military was female, they wouldn't have been guilty of the same crimes as a general rule (at least not on the female end).

    I'm an Ares who often thought the Greek God of war was a symbol of strength.

    I read an article once that Ares was the weakest of the Greek gods, and I had not a clue why they would say that. Well, upon further reflection, he was very bloodthirsty and impulsive. He also gets in fights and doesn't give a shit about consequences.

    I once admired all that and chose to indulge in it ( because people don't fuck with you if you charge their vehicle yelling that you want to cut off their head off the moment they insult you during panhandling). Immature irresponsible girls are attracted to it, and shallow minded men are, but it is a weakness.

    His female counterpart Athena would lose to him in hand-to -hand combat, but knocked him out with a rock. She was actually stronger because she was more wise,more thoughtful, had more Self-control, more prudent, and she admired soldiers who used their mind more than physical strength. She overall was more invoked on the battlefield than Ares for help in battle, and the city of Athens named after her. Gives me a boner just thinking about it.
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    (Yeah...just a myth , but you can learn something from it , and ask God to create an Athena for you or take a wise beautiful heavenly warrior maiden, anoint her with the qualities of Athena, and she will be there for you. Athena was a Virgin warrior though).

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    Don't tell me you wouldn't prefer Jesus was more like that!

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    Before you say menopause and PMS are a huge weakness, lets not forget what male hormone swings do as well (what is the ratio of teenage girls PMSing and shooting up their school?)

    It can appear like a strength but repeatedly wise people have concluded that hate, rage, and violence is contrary to good sound mental and emotional health.

    Same thing with fucking everything that walks, or having children you don't support, getting girls pregnant and leaving them, taking them to abortion clinics to be permanently traumatized and go against their nature and instincts, or spreading the STD epidemic etc.


      I'm stupid too, but compared to what the average American or European has become, I'm actually quite impressed with myself ( growing up in a liberal leftist politically correct house and society.)

      But yeah...women are pretty stupid too, I'm not blowing smoke up your vagina (never trust a flattering tongue even if your clitoris stimulus suggests otherwise ) , but a lot of qualities seen more in the female gender are in fact strengths , and things interpreted as strengths in the male gender like (be a violent prick, paranoid, and never cry) are actually weaknesses.

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        Literally 6 after just reading the thread title


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