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I'm trying to get a friend to switch to safe crystal Meth, from the land of the gods!

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  • I'm trying to get a friend to switch to safe crystal Meth, from the land of the gods!

    For those of you who think I don't positively influence people, there is a sweetheart who said she watches one of my YouTube's every day to brighten her day and make her laugh, and finds me the most fascinating man she ever spoke with online. I warned her I'm probably a bad influence , and she knows upfront I want to make lamp shades out of human skin and keep pretty eyes in a jar on my desk.

    Out of love for her, I'd kind of like her to start using meth, because she has been smoking all natural crack lately, and God gives us dangerous things like Opium, cocaine, and heroine, or fermented juice (alcohol), all of which kill you and have far worse withdrawal than meth. Jesus worked his first miracle creating wine at a party, but you can die withdrawling from, in the year Mussolini discovered the Fascist party (1919), homo sapiens (the Japanese) gave mankind relatively safe crystal meth.

    (Btw, Japanese people are homo Sapiens, I don't care what South park says).

    Crystal meth saved my life by getting me off worse drugs and got me to love work until Covid 19 got me fired. When Crystal meth was discovered in Shinto island archipelago, "land of the gods (Kami), it was called Philipon which translates into " love for work".

    It made Japanese people love working and studying,
    maxresdefault (9).jpg

    fly planes better,


    do honorable banzai bayonet charges when they ran out of ammo,


    fly planes into American ships (kamikaze) and jump inside torpedoes and submarines full of explosives to guide them to American ships to detonate

    depositphotos_12624015-stock-photo-suicide-torpedo.jpg .

    (Did they lose the war? Yeah, but a little Asian island archipelago can't defeat China, America, Great Britain, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, the Mariana islands, and the Soviet Union combined. Put Imperial Japan against China alone and the Chinese could outnumber them 10 to 1 and still get their asses handed to them.

    In fact, Japan fought a war against China not long prior (Sino Japanese war) to that and China lost every battle and sued for peace despite having way more men. The Russian Empire got their asses kicked in an earlier 20th century war where they had more soldiers deployed and better weapons (Russo Japanese war). It wasn't because of meth, but because of state Shinto and the Bushido way of the warrior and Fascist way of the gods that won of course. But certainly meth is the result of this eastern oriental wisdom.)

    maxresdefault (7).jpg

    God gave us all natural tobacco which causes cancer and tar in the lungs, Countless toxic plants, so the Japanese gave us Crystal meth which in it's pure form is totally water soluble and simply gets absorbed into the lungs. All toxic chemicals are to be filtered out of meth before it's smoked or shot or eaten, so it really isn't really toxic. Vitamin D is more toxic than meth.

    God gave us all natural marijuana which makes you lazy, have munchies, unmotivated, and obese. The Japanese gave us Crystal meth which improves concentration, cures narcolepsy, decreases obesity, can actually be good for your back and knees, improves self-esteem, motivates people, and improves ability to concentrate.

    This video isn't about meth until five minutes into it, but if you don't use meth every day, don't use it to get euphoric, then you aren't abusing her. If you misuse her it is like misusing vitamin D, only Vitamin D can cause irreversible liver failure and kill you quicker than meth.

    If I was going to try suicide on meth or vitamin D, Vitamin D is actually going to kill me. Most stuff at the health food store will kill you more quickly than meth overdose. Too much Tylenol causes irreversible liver failure. I could do five hundred dollars worth of meth and it wouldn't kill me because I actually shot up one fifth of that , and it just made me extremely happy and burned my lungs before I even finished pushing the plunger in.

    Too much sunlight causes cancer , but without the sun nothing can survive. Crystal meth comes from the land of the rising sun to give life to captives in darkness of America getting fatter and fatter till they can't walk and drop dead of heart attacks. For those who don't abuse her, She can save lots of lives.

    If you have to abuse her, then stay away from her entirely, but temperance, moderation, respect, and bless her , and she will bless you.

    If you have no drug addiction, don't try her , because then I'm at fault if you abuse her. There are huge consequences, but I'm a firm believer that meth in moderation is relatively harmless , and can get you off worse drugs!
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    Sorry fellas, if I met tweakers that looked like this:

    OIP (15).jpeg

    I'd not recommend it. I've been doing meth since age 15. Do you see marks on my face other than getting punched?

    I had a nurse tell me two weeks ago I look like I'm in my 20's. I'm 33.

    Most female tweakers I meet look more like:

    tumblr_o8v7wgC9xv1vuxtyso1_640.jpg tumblr_nnppdacYRx1tko840o1_400.gif





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      How to properly transubstantiate the magic crystals into sun goddess Amaterasu, Holy Shinto Communion: