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  • Benito Mussolini

    Matt changed my mind about Benito, though I'm not quite as adoring as Matt is.

    It's hard for us to look through the lens of those times and see how dark they were. And this mostly revolves around Russia and godless communism, the brutal murder of the czar and his family, and the atrocities of Lenin.

    Benito we see as megalomaniacal as well, but it was with a purpose: the philosophy of communism was rife in the air, and people were becoming downtrodden.

    FLAMBOYANTLY he exemplified himself as self-important, to combat Europe's growing insecurity. And the Italians understood this. They knew the sinister photographs of Benito's face plastered on the wall were a mockery of Stalinism, for everything he said and did was a testament to that. The giant M's were humanistic: an act of defiant pride in the self, where communism was telling people just the opposite: be the lowly dogs you are.

    And Benito's fascism was an unfortunate, but altogether necessary turn of events. The sinister Hisster copied Benito, but with more arrogant intent as a rejected artist. But Matt's right; Benito did side with Germany over his lifetime enemy the communists.

    His fascism, the servile State, was actually more akin to Bernie Sanders' kind of Democratic Socialism.

    And, yes, Benito disliked the Slavs, and could generalize perhaps too much, but dark times...they were ruthless commies!

    Europe was a nightmare, and America was a bit dreary as well. Thank God those days are over.

    Granted, I don't know my history as well as the Duce.

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    His major crime is being a victim of horrendous times and telling people, "No, there is a God, and you're actually wonderful."


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      I looked into a bit of bio on Mussolini when Duce was here.

      From what I gather, he wasn't as ruthless as some of the other 20th century dictators in terms of lives lost but that doesn't necessarily make him a sympathetic figure, he was a power hungry tyrant that essentially grabbed power through terrorism.

      While communism turned out to be terrible, I understand the desire for a different system when considering Russia lived under autocratic rule for most of the prior century.


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        Power hungry, perhaps, but Pac-Man is power hungry: He's fighting evil ghosts.

        Now Stalin: There was a power hungry tyrant.

        England was autocratic; the Brits didn't brutalize the King.

        The slaves just jumped the gun with the industrial age cause the work was so poor. Lenin was better than the Czar, though? Maybe...Stalin sure wasn't.

        And now we're at it again with godless, atheistic communism dragging people through the dirt.