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Is there much vandalism in your city/town?

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    Is there much vandalism in your city/town?

    This is in history section, because I live in the Twin Cities, where George Floyd was suffocated to death on camera, and I helped board up windows of stores and sweep up broken glass from the riots.

    It actually brought the community together, and people sometimes drive by in vehicles with stained glass windows of George Floyd, paintings of him are abundant on the side of buildings, there is a George Floyd square , and at least one road that I know of named after him.

    But the vandalism continues, I just don't know if that is the motive. Here is the bus stop just down the street:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2022-04-08-12-39-55-904.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.13 MB ID:	219592
    Do you think vandalism and rioting is ever okay?

    On university Ave, I remember shortly after the murder of Floyd, buildings were on fire, vehicles were vandalized all over the place, and tank-like armored vehicles were driving down the street, and national guard checkpoints in many places.

    Was it like that where you lived?

    I met a really cool Doctor who was in need of help boarding up the windows at a cell phone store that was broken into.

    I'll never forget the example he left, he was younger than myself, very thoughtful, and intelligent, and the lady that ran the store was weeping, but so grateful, and gave us hugs.

    I wonder if the war in Ukraine brings people together like that?

    The whole community was so different then. Volunteers were everywhere sweeping up broken glass, picking up trash, and people gathering to give speeches on Capitol Hill.

    It reminded me of a family where everyone does their own thing, then suddenly the children are no longer in their own room on phone, internet, or playing video games. Mom, Dad, children, are all in the same room interacting, hugging, crying, or shouting sometimes. But the family has come together.

    Every body was talking about it and giving their opinion, shouting, or holding signs everywhere it seemed.

    That situation sparked worldwide outrage, but it especially was felt in the Twin Cities, where it happened.

    Can you think of any situations where riots brought forth a greater good, almost like a necessary evil?

    About a decade ago, our town had a few easily seen "gang tags" magic markered behind two STOP signs.

    I bought some graffiti remover and got the majority of it off. I had to use sandpaper and block to get the trace remaining off.

    About the only overlooked vandalism that goes on now is people doing rear tire burn outs in vacant parking lots. I can easily hear them from afar. High pitch squealing for about 5 to 10 min, especially after a light rain fall in the evening.

    I know the burn out black marks are causing damage to the yellow paint lines for parking in those lots. It's costly for the owner to have the pavement parking lines repainted.

    This is the only vandalism I know of in my town.

    My monthly town hall meetings that I attend, no one ever brings up anything about vandalism, other than parking lot burn outs, brought up by me in closing of new/old business minutes portion.

    Other than that, my town is safe and clean of any other vandalism and overall crime.

    My town police force is small in staff, but highly equipped with all newer SUV's , riot gear and tactical weapons. I guess we'd rather have it and not need it other than need it and not have it.... lol


      I don't think it's ever a positive reaction, but it's not "wrong". What is wrong is whatever system or situation has elicited that reaction or not provided other avenues for those emotions and impulses.