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The Battle of Karánsebes

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  • The Battle of Karánsebes

    I stumbled across an account of The Battle of Karánsebes, which happened the night of September 21-22, 1788 during the Austro-Turkish War of 1787-1791 (and started with Romani giving schnapps to the Austrian advance army.) Basically, the Austrian army accidentally got into a fight with itself.

    I love how people wrote back then.

    "On the march thither, the army was seized with a most unaccountable panic, believed themselves to be threatened by the enemy, fell into disorder, and mistook their own troops from the Sclavonian frontiers for enemies. The regiments fired upon one another looked everywhere for an enemy where in reality there was none, and all attempts on the part of the emperor in person to stop the firing and put an end to the confusion were vain. He was in fact separated from his suite and wandered about ignorant of his way; it was even supposed that he had been taken prisoner when at length, accompanied by a single individual, he came to Karánsebes. A detailed account of the singular story of this night-march and its consequences does not appear to us to belong to the province of general history; it will, however, be found both authentic and complete in the Austrian Military Magazine of 1831."

    —Friedrich Christoph Schlosser (December 31, 1844). History of the Eighteenth Century and of the Nineteenth Till the Overthrow of the French Empire: With Particular Reference to Mental Cultivation and Progress. Volume 6. Chapman and Hall.

    "Mental cultivation and progress"?