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Black man who visits KKK rallies

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    Black man who visits KKK rallies

    This guy is one of the most cool people in America.

    If there were more people like him, there would be less racism and hate.

    Anyway, my bike got stolen yesterday for the third time in ten months and some black brothers put a note on my door warning people to stay away.

    Last time I got robbed, a black friend tracked down the guy that stole from me and got some of my stuff back.

    So, I apologize for saying anything negative about black people because it isn't fair to the good black people to make racial slurs, but the problem is, the left pushes double standards.

    I think every race is savage but political correctness has outlawed free speech where white genocide and racism against white people is tolerated but you can't preach true verifiable statistics necessary for survival instincts or say facts about the ugliest bigotry coming from Islam , globalism, and Communism, far FAR worse than anything right-wing regimes have done, which actually does create genocide, barbaric regimes worse than Nazi Germany, and rape-epidemics even in the 21st century, but you mention it via YouTube and it gets suppressed, or a teacher brings it up on Facebook or social media and loses their jobs.

    I hate every race equally. So how racist am I? White people are plenty fuckin stupid and atheist Empires that murder more of their own people than all sides killed in world war 2 were started by Caucasian males (and Jews which are basically Caucasian), so I despise my own race, so how racist am I really?

    I just think it's bullshit that you can call one racist barbaric savages but if you point out the other races are just as guilty and statistics actually show evidence of certain ethnicities being more savage to their own kind , suddenly there is a huge cry from the left of racism.

    I have seen shit loads of racism in my life time in prison, school, and I'm called racial slurs countless times. Rarely have I ever seen in real life a public display of white racism towards another ethnicity.

    Does it exist. Of course.

    But do I actually ever in real life hear a white person make a racial slur against a black person in public?

    Honestly? Not in the last ten years.

    Do people insult me based on my race from their cars and throw water and pop on me for being white. Yes.

    In jail, did I get shit for being white. Yes.

    Is racism ever okay.

    Fuck no! But Islam is a bigoted regime and a hate group, and was a hate group since it was founded.

    If you want to bitch about a Confederate flag than bitch about something as hateful, bigoted, and violent as Islam which enslaved more people, oppressed more women, and shed far more blood than the Confederate states KKK or Nazis ever did.

    Yet you can't speak verifiable facts about a bigot, misogynist, mass-murdering bigot cult like Islam or your YouTube priveledges get taken or you lose your job.

    Quit with the politically correct bullshit and there won't be so much kick back from the right.
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    Why is this in the history forum?


      OK you had me at Darryl Davis. I'm a fan of him and his work.

      After that you went into a tweak rant and my eyes glazed over. Look at the bright shiny object!

      Rev J


        Originally posted by tumbling.dice View Post
        Why is this in the history forum?
        Because KKK is part of US history and the testimony of the man who dialogues with hate groups is a historical testimony.