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What are your opinions about Israel?

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    What are your opinions about Israel?

    Be brutally honest and transparent.

    I personally am glad the Jews have their own nation to avoid being a persecuted minority or something as dreadful as the holocaust.

    However, I saw a documentary where Israeli soldiers were talking about their conquest of Israel and the fight agaisnt Palestinians, Egyptians, Jordanians, Syrians, and Lebanese, and their treatment of Palestinian civilians bordered on genocide.

    Like one soldier said that their orders were to throw two hand grenades into every window of every Palestinian home. This was of course because there might be someone armed with weapons in the house, but typically it was killing Civilians, women and children. What can you call that other than genocide?

    In one of these homes, the Documentary said that 22 innocent people were hiding and got killed by Israeli grenades.

    I also have issues with how miserable it is to live in the west bank. They are basically living in prison, and their children are getting killed by Israeli soldiers.

    But yeah, after the Holocaust, I think the Jews should have their own state. But is that how they should go about it?

    Also, what Joseph Stalin did to Christians was a lot worse than what Hitler did to Jews, with a much higher kill count, and far worse tortures that permanently drove people mad from starvation, torture, sleep deprivation, permanent psychosis and PTSD or permanently confined to a wheel chair.

    And yet, the Holocaust is covered thoroughly but not the victims of Communism (in public schools that is. I didn't hear shit about the Communist Holocaust which killed over 15 times as many people as Hitler's. I had to do the research on my own).

    And everyone is gonna call me antisemetic, and I can't say this on YouTube, but it is verified that a disproportionate amount of Jews supported Communist regimes that committed these atrocities and had worse war criminals than Hitler (who got away with it.

    Mao in his "great leap forward " killed 60 million of his own people, and all the war criminals involved didn't get a slap on the wrist. Today the Chinese burn candles and incense in front of pictures of Mao and worship him. He committed genocide even against sparrows. Possibly the most disgusting human being to ever walk the planet.

    I'm not saying Mao was Jewish lol, but a lot of Jews supported the Soviet Union and were in the highest ranks of the Communist party or strong supporters of the Dictatorship that propped up and supported and enabled and allied itself with Mao.)

    But yeah, I also have issues with Israeli's using the Bible to justify their occupation of that land, when 90% of Israel is atheist or secular. They are not religious on average, so why use the Bible as their justification for where they settle?

    And there are so many Evangelical Christians who say "Bless Israel and you shall be blessed, Curse Israel and you shall be cursed". They talk about the practically atheist nation of Israel, like supporting her is necessary for salvation. It's ridiculous.
    I never quite understood that.

    But Jewish state? Yes, I'm all for it.
    Killing children and women to achieve that goal? I'm sorry, that's a no!

    What are my opinions about Israel?


    Israel has 2,867 known species of plants. At
    least 253 species are non-native and most likely are all different strains of MJ.

    Israel will be a cannabis producing powerhouse in the next few years.
    Good fer them


      To date, Israel has administered the most COVID-19 vaccine doses per capita in the world. More than 3.67 million Israelis have received the first dose of the BioNTech-Pfizer mRNA vaccine since the vaccination campaign began on December 20. This represents about 40% of the country's population. More than 28% have already received the second dose. And among those over 60, more than 80% have already been vaccinated. Meanwhile, anyone over the age of 16 can be vaccinated immediately.


        What are my opinions about Israel?

        Israel has an attractive DF

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          Something hot about women with military grade weaponry mate !

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          Completely agree with yer statement Mally.

        I believe it’s a Rothschild fiefdom and wouldn’t visit it. There are many Jews who think the same.


          I think the West is having an acerbic reaction to less civilized, and, frankly, in some cases, barbaric...other nations.

          Israel is great in that they're a free nation in a tight spot. And I can't say how big the kick back should be, but I hate xenocentrism and especially children getting hurt by all this.

          But the way some middle easterners behave, I can see how the argument for their barbarism being genetic and not learned might start.

          You can't take that risk with children.

          It's great that Israel is so democratized. I'm a fan of Netanyahu. But both of our countries are swift becoming the same kind of oligarchies we've been trying to depose for decades.

          It's great that women are on equal footing in the military, but it's repulsive and malignant to me that some of them would put boots on children's necks.

          Democracy will win out, though. We just need to figure out that we actually ARE the good guys. Yes, people SHOULD be free.


            No atheist commie is a real Jew, either.