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Scorpion venom can cause boners that won't go down.

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    Scorpion venom can cause boners that won't go down.

    I have been stung by a scorpion before that made me break out in hives, white bumps everywhere and a tingling everywhere that made me feel I would die.

    Click image for larger version

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    I keep scorpion banners on my wall because I believe brotherhood of Nod is really a kingdom east of Heaven, for Nod was east of Paradise and their greatest defense were Obelisks that fire lazers and Mussolini buried a message for the world after his death, beneath an Obelisk in honor of Ra the sun God.

    There are many Obelisks here in Saint Paul and the land of Nod is also a term for "a wanderer".

    My Japanese Jacket is camouflaged like the brotherhood of Nod uniforms, and next to an obelisk someone painted Ronin.

    The headquarters of Nod is the " Temple of Nod", and Tiberium crystals are named after my second favorite Caesar Tiberius.

    A ronin is a Samurai with no master who wanders and often begs for alms and prays all the time. They often commit suicide by cutting the abdomen when their master dies or the battle is lost, or do the banzai suicide charge, rather than surrender.

    The land of Nod is also the land of dreams. When you nod off , you go to a different world.

    Also, the headquarters of Mussolini said SI many times which means " yes". It dawned on me that a "Nod" means "yes", and I went to mass and the sermon was Mary giving her yes, her nod to God.

    The Japanese Shinto adherents often give a Nod to the gods (Kami) before they pass through the Torri to pay homage to Kami.

    They often don't shake hands but give a Nod, a bow. At mass, because of Covid, the priest often says " give a Nod, a sign of Christ's peace".

    You are wondering what this has to do with boners right? Some say Obelisks symbolize erections and there are Scorpions that when they sting cause priapism (boner that won't go down).

    Google the Indian red Scorpion. It kills people but sometimes they will have a boner for hours.

    I find it interesting because female Scorpios are said to be the most female dominant of the Zodiac.

    They carry children on their back and nothing with an exoskeleton is going to try and harm those she loves. Maybe a wasp perhaps.

    Although Spiders are the most female dominant of creatures, and sometimes have venom 15 times more potent than a rattlesnake, grow sometimes more than twelve times larger than males, eat males during inter course, Scorpions defeat Spiders much larger than them with more potent venom, and care for their young better.

    So, Scorpions are a great personification of a Mother who will not let anything harm her young. At least nothing I know of with an exoskeleton. Maybe a wasp.

    She is Queen, but I do wonder if her venom could be extracted to cause erections that last hours without the other side effects.

    This is in life outdoors because scorpions are found outdoors.

    e. spiders and scorpions, which cause priapism, a prolonged and painful erection. This review highlights the studies that have been performed with venoms and toxins from arthropods known to cause priapism, among other toxic symptoms, pointing out some pharmacological approaches for better understanding this effect. To date, the venom of some spiders, mainly Phoneutria nigriventer, and scorpions, such as the yellow South American scorpion Tityus serrulatus, among others, have been known to cause priapism. Since erectile dysfunction (ED) is a growing health problem in the world, more common in patients with vascular diseases as diabetes and hypertension, the use of animal venoms and toxins as pharmacological tools could not only shed light to the mechanisms involved in erectile function, but also represent a possible model for new drugs to treat ED.


      Mildly amusing, the venom I was first reading about that causes raging boners was called a "Pocock" or Indian red Scorpion.

      I was wondering if the red head I like had a red bush, a burning bush, rose bush, then found these bush trimmers in the hallway

      Click image for larger version

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      They add to all the red stuff in my apartment. I have s red wolf spider and a red legged Columbian giant, now I just need little red riding hood.


        This is from a Zamnesia blog, about getting high from Scorpions. I saw another story that went into other uninteresting details, so I think this primer more or less covers it.

        psychedelic scorpion

        Scorpion venom’s use as a narcotic is rather common in some parts of Pakistan, India and Southeast Asia. In some regions, people extract the scorpion venom by first harvesting the insects, then grinding them into a powder. Afterwards, the powder is either smoked pure or mixed with tobacco or hash.

        Reports from those who have smoked scorpion venom cite it as a very powerful hallucinogenic substance, with effects that can last for many hours. Before you consider trying this out for yourself, you may want to know that scorpion venom isn’t exactly “healthy” when consumed. While some varieties of scorpion venom “merely” cause severe side-effects like insomnia and sleeping disorders, others can be downright fatal.

        Rather than acquiring and grinding up a bunch scorpions (as if that isn’t already disgusting enough), you may want to look into other (and much, much healthier) alternatives like
        Stargate. This is an herb extract that incites some pleasurable euphoria, minus the displeasurable side effects like dying, of course.


          I know a few women who have that same effect, without the whole venom part.