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Has anyone slept in a park before?

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  • Has anyone slept in a park before?

    Share your experiences!

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    I assume you are referring to playground/open space parks rather than Camping sites, most of which are also called Parks here.

    I don't believe I've slept in a park, I've hung out with friends, girlfriends and Tripped on Psychedelics at parks after they had closed but I don't recall ever sleeping in one. All of those experiences were about as straightforward as you would think, get shit faced and wild out with the friends, romance and stargaze with the girlfriend, stare at a leaf while tripping for a half hour and wonder how many years it took that tree to grow for that leaf to fall. That kind of stuff.


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      Have I ever slept in a park before?

      Yeah, kind of.
      mother moon -she's calling me back to her silver womb,
      father of creation -takes me from my stolen tomb
      seventh-advent unicorn is waiting in the skies,
      a symptom of the universe, a love that never dies!


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        I've fell *asleep in Jackson park, while my Tahoe was in park with the engine still running.

        Double whammy.
        I win da thread.

        *Alcohol induced sleep


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          I was tired from traveling in Milan. And my friend was not yet home to let me in his apartment to unpack and stay a few nights. So I found the nearest park bench and took a nap. I was awoken by an annoying Nigerian guy trying to sell me overpriced friendship bracelets.

          Now if you’ve ever been to Italy in a touristy area, you’ll know there’s lots of African salesmen who aggressively try to sell very cheap yet overpriced junk to tourists. They are meant to be avoided. I pretended I couldn’t speak English, Italian, or Swahili. And he finally left me alone.


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            camped in a national park, yes. slept in my vehicle in a park parking lot, maybe? slept in my vehicle in non-park parking lots, definitely.


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              When I was hiking across the country in the early 80s I slept in a lot of cemeteries. I tried parks but was harassed by cops or bums way too many times. For some reason cemeteries don't seem to attract either. I usually picked the ones that had a brick or stone wall around them and I had a very dark sleeping bag that was barely visible in a shadow. I only made it as far as Dallas before I gave up and chased down a job in Memphis.


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                I sleep in cemeteries instead.


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                  Mixed feelings about Duce not being able to post here cause I'm pretty sure he'd have some interesting thoughts on the matter lol


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                    I tried to sleep on the streets tonight but I got way too sketched out, it's a lot louder than I thought it would be... And the bugs are honestly ridiculous. Not even just mosquitos but the random buggery that I didn't even realize


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                      Originally posted by Irminsul
                      I sleep in cemeteries instead.
                      I was thinking about why more people don't do this... I surmise that it pretty much comes down to an ethics/moral thing


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                        And being afraid of zombies.

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                        The only scary shit was the occasional wildlife waking me up.

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                      Yes, in France, when I was cycling across it.

                      I also slept on a piece of rubble strewn wasteland in the city of Bilbao, on the same trip. And thought about how if I was in the woods it was "wild camping" but in a city it's "rough sleeping".

                      I also slept under a boat in a boatyard.

                      I've slept a lot of weird places on cycle trips really. Cycle trips are me playing at being homeless :-)

                      I tried to sleep under a tree in the middle of Nantes, in the grounds of some kind of college, I believe. but it was SO light and the birds were singing all night and at 3am or something I had to get up and carry on until out of the city to try and find somewhere darker. I did, but then it rained.


                      • Din Djarin
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                        That sounds like an awesome roadtrip!

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                      The psychology of taking a bike trip really escapes me

                      Like... Where do you keep your stuff? Bathrooms? Hygiene?? But maybe it makes more sense when you're on the road


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                        Originally posted by Verbe
                        The psychology of taking a bike trip really escapes me

                        Like... Where do you keep your stuff? Bathrooms? Hygiene?? But maybe it makes more sense when you're on the road
                        I had two 30ltre pannier rack bags for the bike, and 30 litre backpack. I most frequently washed by tipping bottles of water over myself, haha. And I always brush my teeth. Public bathrooms in towns, behind bushes in the countru. In the UK I was asking random houses to fill my water bottles but in Spain and France I was too worried I'd be knocking on doors with no English speakers so I just bought new ones.

                        I don't really know anyone else who would enjoy it, the way I did it haha
                        ​it's very freeing to me so be so disconnected from society like that. To just feel normal sleeping in weird places. But it's only fun because it's a game and I know there is a house at the end of it. It's only freeing because it's a choice. Would suck to be genuinely homeless.


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                          Why did you try to sleep on the streets, Fae?