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It's almost March! Are you preparing?

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    It's almost March! Are you preparing?

    Tomorrow it's going to be March!

    The word March sounds so much better than the word february!

    I don't know about you, but I always get so happy in March, knowing that the worst is over, and it's going to keep getting warmer from here on out, until next fall!

    March 14th is National spider day as well as butterfly day. Both of them represent divine femininity, both of them make homes of silk, and both of them experience rebirth.

    A caterpillar becomes an entire new creation, but a spider kind of does too. When a spider goes on their back, they look like they're dead!

    Then they kick out of their old skin and leave what looks like a corpse behind. If they have any severed limbs, they grow new limbs, they change colors, and grow much larger after a molt!

    I wonder if silk, rebirth, death, or the fact that they both represent the female gender, or Divine femininity, is one of the reasons they both share the same holiday?

    March is also St Patrick's Day and I'm part Irish!

    March and April are all around my favorite 2 months of the year!

    I guess May is about equally groovy imho. But June , July, and August, in Minnesota starts getting really humid, and that isn't very fun!

    Do you have a favorite month?

    I have a birthday in April! Can't believe I'm almost 35! That's longer than Jesus Christ lived!

    I was truly hoping I would die younger! Everyday is a day closer to leaving this corpse behind, and that makes me happy! Cant wait to see what's on the other side!

    Will see the surgeon for a fractured shoulder on 03/03. I call 03/03 butterfly day, because if you turn one 3 around and put it together with the other one, it kinda looks like a butterfly symbol, and Jesus, Christ Farley, Alexander the great, and Saint John Belushi all died age 33 , and are waiting for us on the other side!

    Fractured bones are so much fun

    Can't wait for surgery. The IV and barbiturate that killed Michael Jackson is what they administer last time and usually, and it is simply a foretaste of Heaven, ecstasy!

    Broken bones and fractures can be better than sex, when you have the correct attitude , and interpretation of such matters!