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Internet cable box. B n E

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  • Internet cable box. B n E

    Trying to break into and enter my internet provider's grey colored box that's hanging on the outside my house.

    It has a weird tamper proof screw.
    Any ideas on how to un loosen the screw without damage to the property?

    I'll take a pic when I get better daylight on that side of the house

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    first Id get a collection of bits that are sold for tamper screws, they're not impossible to find pretty common actually.. chinaharbor freight, blowes, home cheepo probably has them..


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    Don't waste all day trying not to damage it. It is a bomb, and you might have to hit it with a hammer.


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      need pics


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        if its the common tube type nut that grabs internally just buy a cable box key tool from amazon


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          Originally posted by SpaceMan
          need pics
          Screenshot_20210501-120343_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20210501-120336_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20210501-120353_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20210501-120328_Gallery.jpg


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            looks like the internal type unless you can see a torx type thing in the hole

            might be able to get it with a flat blade screw driver if you apply side pressure only...maybe grind it until there is just a bit of a side tooth

            or order a cheap cable box key on amazon


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              Ace hardware used to have specialty screwdrivers or bits for tamper resistant things, not sure if they still do.
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                A hard potato, maybe?