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Down range workbench

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    Down range workbench

    As my arsenal grows, so does the maintenance, accessories and the best way to go about it

    I bought a front Tri-rail and it doesn't fit in it's sweet spot that it's supposed to.
    I re-read the part description again and noticed real small text disclaimer..

    May require slight modification for fitment

    Any modifications first require thought on correct tool to use. This is my usual dilemma.

    No YouTubes available to watch for this modification.

    Anyway imo, some YouTubes on maintenance and customization shouldn'tve been made or watched.

    I'm contemplating using the Dremel with the 3/4 round sanding drum, very lightly taking off material on the inside of the tri rail until slip fit is met around the barrel.

    I'll be ready to accomplish this task in the coming weeks.

    I use a piece of Dowel with a slot cut in it and Emery cloth wrapped round the dowel anchored in the slot until its the size ! require Put it in a pillar drill Plenty oil and bobs your uncle Wear gloves though because it tends to get hot depending on the material


    • Pete's Draggun
      Pete's Draggun commented
      Editing a comment
      Gonna try this maneuver out Mally.

      I'll report back

    Happy to report the dremel sanding drum worked great.
    Tri-rail securely fastened on.


      Tritium Night sights that I bought didn't come with the correct hardware to install. That's after market for ya...

      Had to go to my neighborhood ACE Hardware. I'm lucky that my hardware store has every screw, washer, nut and machine bolt made on Earth.

      Anyhoo, after 2 spacers, 1 lock nut and a smiggin' of blue lock tight. All ready to shoot