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Please help me figure out what's going on!

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    Please help me figure out what's going on!

    So, earlier today I was reflecting on how many graces I received thanks to Andrew neonspectraltoast , whose middle name is James, and James is another name for Jacob (and Mussolini means Jacob).

    Andrew is Mussolini's middle name "Andrea".

    Well, I stumbled onto a journal entry about Andrew Pollack, Father of Meadow Pollack (a Jewish girl that got gunned down with 17 people and 17 wounded, the day I moved into room 17 at higher groung. 17 in Italy is an unlucky number associated with ghosts so they don't have a 17th floor on many buildings. I turned my room 17 into a shrine, a honden for ghosts.

    Well, in the prayer I also mentioned Andrew Jackson. One of the definitions of Jackson is "son of Jack or Jacob " (Mussolini). Benito just means "Blessed" or "Blessings", (so be sure to give me and everyone you come into contact with a Benito (blessing).

    I then (swear on Mussolini's grave I'm not lying) grab a stack of prayers in my Hondon and see an image underneath and feel I should grab it. It is a picture of Andrew Jackson on a horse and it already has tape on it for me to tape it to the wall of the Honden.

    Right after enshrining Andrew Jackson, I lit some incense and grab the prayer on top of the stack of papers.

    To my shock it says, "Saint Andrew Jackson the great. Thou art Andrew Jacob, Andrew Mussolini, Caesar of America, Divine ruler of an American Shogunate. Thou art God of American soldiers and Samurai. Thou art the weaver of American Destiny, controller of America's fate.

    He who makes American patriots and nationalists victorious against all odds, creating battles of New Orleans, victorious against all odds by creating battles of New Orleans, victories that only miraculous intervention could possibly accomplish. Be exalted Andrew Mussolini Jackson, God of Fascist warriors and their allies."

    Well, neonspectraltoast 's name Andrew James, is literally "Andrew Jack, Andrew Mussolini", precisely what I was calling Andrew Jackson in the prayer.

    On ash wednesday, Andrew James spoke about stars and stardust which was linked to all sorts of coincidences that day involving songs that randomly popped up with stars in the backround or about counting stars , or the apocalypse, or I google my coat and star wars coincidences pop up , and Andrew Jame's Avatar is Darth Vader. etc.

    Well Andrew Jackson fought the battle of New Orleans not so much with his weapons but with a miracle. The British outnumbered the Americans, had better weapons, were better trained, and the American soldiers outnumbered, poorly trained, not as good of weapons, and yet only 8 Americans died, and the British suffered 2,000 casualties.

    That is virtually impossible and we haven't seen a military victory like it anywhere but in Old Testament accounts of the Bible or when the Sun Divinity Amaterasu struck the Mongolian fleet with a Divine "Kamikaze" wind that killed 40,000 Mongolians at sea, and then 100,000 made it to shore and got annihilated by the Samurai in a single battle.

    The battle of New Orleans sort of impresses me more though because it was more close to modern time , so I trust the historical accounts better than ancient text. Also, the British at that time were like the America of today. They had the best military and best trained men and weaponry in the world.

    For them to lose 2,000 men and only 8 Americans dead is quite something. Well, earlier I was thinking of all kinds of coincidences that happened last August 08/08, because on a numerology thread PacificDude said how much he loved the number 8. So 8 men dead coincidence less than 24 hours ago might be linked to this.

    I received my rising sun Hirohito Jacket on the 1st day of the 8th month after spending the night praying and writing letters to Emperor Hirohito. The 8th day of each month I also call "Germany day" where I pray for Germany and to the souls of deceased Germans and Holy Roman Emperors (most of them were German).

    I also in my journal, when I would write "Sex", I would always put an 8 instead of sex just so if someone was reading my journal , they wouldn't know what i was talking about. That is because an 8 looks like two zeros becoming one body lol.

    Well , on that numerology thread, I never subscribed to it, and the only reason I went to that thread was because it showed up in my notifications as something I subscribed to. It was about the number 11/11.

    Before that thread existed, I was listening to the song "Jimmy" by tool which mentions "11, you are the voice that's been calling me back home...11 is when we wave good bye...11 gets me through each single step..."

    Jimmy means (Jacob, Jack, Mussolini, James). The first Emperor of Japan was Emperor Jimmu which is almost an identical name. Jimmu was crowned National Japan day , February 11th, feast of our Lady of Lourdes. My birthday is April 11th. I happened to ask @beachballbitch when her birthday was a while back and to both of our surprises , her response was "today".

    On my birthday, 11th, she told me her favorite number was 11
    . I responded "mine too". Well, she is the one who told me about this site and is the only reason I'm here so that Neon could provide a bunch of more signs with @niftypebble21

    On a thread about whether I make Mussolini into a God, someone shared a song that contained the words "And the people bowed and prayed, to the Neon God they made". But they weren't aware of the significance of those lyrics when sharing the song. Well now I get it. Neon's real name is Andrew Mussolini, the middle and last name of Italian Dictator, and the thread was about whether or not I worship Benito Andrew James (Mussolini).

    Well, Amaterasu gave a circular mirror to Jimmu which is the highest relic in Shinto. I found a circular mirror on Japan day, holding a paper I had just found with the words Japan in big letters and a Shinto Shrine, a paper i found after praying for Japan.

    Then I went to Capitol Hill and there is a shrine to dead firemen dated the year I was born, 1987, year of the fire bunny, and the Capitol Hill Queens called me "Ted Bunny" because Matthew means the same thing as Ted.

    Well there was a ladder there I identified as Jacob's ladder. In Scripture Jacob's ladder symbolizes the ascent to God. I ascended the ladder and could see my reflection all around. The ladder ascended through a circular mirror. The presence of Amaterasu is believed to charge and haunt Circular mirrors, giving them the name "Goshintai".

    I know some of that is old news....but please help me interpret the stuff about Andrew Jackson. Thank you!
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