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The day I stabbed Benito!

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    The day I stabbed Benito!

    Seriously guys,

    I live in a one bedroom apartment about three times the size of my last jail cell. There are only so many places the runaway keyboard for this possessed tablet can be.

    Could one of you please help me find it? Or if you have it please return it.

    On another interesting note, the last name of the guy I stabbed was " Craig Bennett". Bennett is another name for Benedictus or "Benito.". What are the odds I tried to kill a guy named Benito.

    Click image for larger version

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    Benito Mussolini had an obsession with knives and stabbed people and was a sword dueler too.

    Craig Benito said, " Matthew, you're a cannibal, you devour other people's time, energy, and resources ". When he called me that I was on DXM and believed I was a cannibal literally.

    Well I stabbed Benito on 03/03/2015.

    I really needed a gallon of milk the day I ran out of foodstamps yesterday. There was a full gallon of milk right where I was panhandling, expiration dated 03/03/21. Weird!

    03/03 is also Chief Joseph's birthday (the American Indian called red Napoleon), so I think it is a sign from actress Nafisa Joseph (who i nicknamed chief Joseph) who hung herself the Duce's birthday, close relative of Tagore who " sang the praises of Benito." Just like Joseph of Egypt controlled all of Pharoah's house and possessions, Nafisa Joseph exercises authority over Il Duce and hopefully God as well.

    Or it could mean nothing. Just a gallon of milk. LMAO!!!

    But which one of you wankstas stole my keyboard? Now I have to hunt and peck on the screen. Waaa!!!
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