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Vermin and Clown Crucifix meaning for the end times!

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  • Vermin and Clown Crucifix meaning for the end times!

    I have broken my bones and unrequited love, and would rather have far more broken bones because their pain goes away in ten weeks for the most part. The former lingers with a lasting nightmare that I'd prefer being a cockroach getting eaten by one of my Spiders. My words to Lia after she turned down my marriage proposal , was a smile and a "rejection creates serial killers" remark.


    But it's great in the end to experience the shame, because Christ was originally a total reject, born in a barn, stripped down naked, believed to be cursed, flogged, spit on, crowned with thorns, mocked, and nailed to a bit of wood, as people did him homage shouting "Hail King of the Jews. You who would rebuild the Temple! Look at you now! Come down from that Cross if you are the son of God!"

    Another spit on Messiah of mine, that only I would pay homage to or recognize as such, was declared by others to be the "Emperor Clown" and "Sawdust Caesar". "Loser", shouted his own people, "Hail Caesar! You who would rebuild Rome, look at you now freak!" He was urinated on, spit on, stoned, used as target practice, and in the book "The Body of Il Duce, the Fortunes of Italy", he is referred to as "Three ring Carnival freak show"!

    article0_large (1).jpg benito-mussolini-and-claretta-petacci-hanging-upside-down-in-a-gas-station-in-piazzale-loreto-milan-italy-april-28-1945-2A4A3HG (1).jpg
    In Shinto, the official Religion of his Empire , East of Eden (somewhere east of Paradise) to hang upside down is symbolic of "to suffer greatly". The cross means the same thing, and Mussolini's hanging upside down in the book "The body of Il Duce" is called "Calvary. A crucifixion"

    O-Bon ghost festival , celebrated by some people from July 13-15 (Denise Naslund was raped and murdered July 14, while the festival was being celebrated. It was she who introduced me to Shinto and Fascism.

    I always identified her as bride of the Caesar, and where her skull was found "Golgotha", which means "the place of the Skull", e4868b87e325935a9c5835a8da93047f.jpg and where Christ was crucified
    ). O-Bon gets its name from the Sanskrit word for "to hang upside down." It refers to a legend about a Buddhist monk who, deep in meditation, was able to "see" his long-dead mother hanging upside down in the Buddhist equivalent of hell. Only prayer and penance could ease her pain.

    "Clown Shinto" is one of the names for the Religion of Babylon the great. This Babylon is the humble whore who competes with evil mother of harlots in the book of revelation for control of the masses, is the whore who is nice to Jesus (who was a friend of sluts and whores), like the slut who washed the feet of Christ with her tears and dried them with her hair, earning his favor above even the 12 Apostles, has as it's symbol , an upside down or crucified clown. Or crucified Vermin known as Mussolini the Mouse! (Jesus is his Hebrew brother Mickey, King of the Jews!)


    This is because mice , just like Fascists, are seen as vermin pests that must be executed, despised, hated, rejected, tortured all day by cats before being viciously grounded between their teeth, strangled to death by constrictors, swallowed by serpents, crushed by mouse trap metal, drowned, or worse.

    Mice are used in labs to be filled with toxic chemicals, purposely given cancer, instruments beneath surgical knives, bred as food for reptiles (which I had a vivid dream about last night), and the mouse lives it's life in chronic fear and panic. The life of vermin, is a most tragic tale.

    The mouse also represents the unwanted, the ugly, the smelly, the rejects, the scary, all who are represented by the ugly crucified Clown God Mussolini. (Be warned and not deceived by appearances, unwanted vermin leper ghost was the inspiration behind the deformed old leperous woman in this scene):

    The invention Fascism , is the worst curse in politics to be associated with, but was actually the invention of Yahweh in the Old Testament. Mussolini, a name that is identical to Israel/Jacob, ( the first Jew, eccentric sorcerer, and violent thief who acted more like Benito Mussolini than anyone else in Scripture) only gave it a name and a non-hateful, non-racist, non-violent Doctrine, to settle disputes about what the definition of Fascism would be.

    None but I would choose to be like Clara Petacci (Minnie Mouse), who shielded him from bullets, to choose to hang upside down as a curse with him. But with a revelation like that, I have no choice but to be vermin, reject Matthew Mouse

    To be continued.
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    Our humble Whore, Babylon Great the reject, Mother of Harlots has the number 669,

    The 6 and 6 is symbolic of Mussolini and his mistress because a 6 is an upside down 9.

    The 9 is for Nafisa Joseph, our Saint Joseph, Smokin Joe, who hung right side up on Mussolini's birthday, July 29, because she felt rejected by a boyfriend she wanted to marry. It was also the day my neighbor in Apartment # 6's brother got gunned down 2020.

    That morning, the Mass reading was Martha saying to Jesus, "My brother is dead". Christ responded "I am the Resurrection and the life...even though they die, they shall have eternal life." I shared that with his living brother and he said "I needed to hear that, thank you".

    Nafisa Joseph was close relative of Tagore, favorite poet and writer of Mussolini, who lost friends when he visited Fascist Italy and "Sang the praises of Mussolini", describing the Dictator's head as a "Chisel of Michael Angelo".


    But regarding her surname Joseph. Joseph in Scripture was the favorite, most beautiful, most important son, first son of Mussolini and Rachel, a very unusual Hebrew name for an Indian.

    Joseph also was treated like Vermin, imprisoned as a sex-offender Hebrew slave for allegedly raping a master's Egyptian wife.

    The Pharoah, who was considered God by Egyptian, and Theologically considered "Ruler of the Earth", recognized great holiness in the Hebrew slave, in the fullness of time, partially due to his ability to interpret dreams.

    Egyptians didn't even eat with Jews. Joseph was arguable the most despised of all for being Hebrew slave found guilty of raping an Egyptian.

    But those who laughed at Joseph, and his brothers who tried to kill him and sold him as a slave, suddenly weren't laughing when the greatest Empire on earth fell to him. Pharoah, God on earth, put Joseph in charge of his household, possessions, his Empire, and told everyone who went to him, "go to Joseph"!

    This prefigured the New Testament, where Jesus Christ was prefigured by Pharoah as "God Incarnate". Joseph being less than Christ was still in charge of Christ and saved the life of Christ when he fled to Egypt as Herod was slaying male infants where they lived.

    Nafisa Joseph in the Heavenly realm has the Joseph anointing, a Muslim first name, Hebrew Surname, from the land of Hindus, and yet she was Roman Catholic who attended school at "Saint Joseph's" of all places to confirm my suspicions that she is the Saint Joseph's of the Joker's Reich, where those Religions are all bound together.

    She died the year of the Joker 04, birthday of the Joker Mussolini 07/29, and the guy who played "Joker" was born 10/28 1974, day of the anniversary of Mussolini's March on Rome, birthday of Kimberly Leach, Bundy's last victim, the year both of Rachel Mussolini's books, (which revolutionized my life more than any writing) came out Denise Naslund's final birthday 01/01/1974.

    I call 4 the number of the Joker because the movie "Joker" came out 10-04, feast of Saint Francis who died age 44, known as "Clown, fool for Christ", but most importantly, is the birthday of Heath Ledger born 04/04, the Joker who locked himself in his hotel to "become the Joker" and died before the video was released. I have enshrined him and celebrate his feast day on every 4th of the month, for help being the Joker.


    All shall one day, in time of great trouble, find the solution to their problems in Smokin Joe:

    nafisa-joseph-1464007268.jpg 10look1.jpg Nafisa_Joseph1 (1).jpg

    Laugh at me fine! It's expected. It's not your fault for being ignorant.

    Don't laugh at her though. I enshrined her as the chief Kami not knowing it was the anniversary of my jump on May 23rd, and called her Saint Joseph, patron Saint of sucides, before knowing she had 6 connections to Mussolini, or that she died his birthday.

    In the fullness of time, Pharoah told everyone : "Go to Joseph", and we shall see the prophecy fulfilled. I know who will be laughing in the end.
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      Sorry, Matt, but you can be a bit myopic. The fact that you're open to nothing but Lia is preventing you from achieving your dreams. You can't base your whole being around that. It's not true.

      Just sayin. Unless you truly believe the Joker's Reich hinges on Lia.


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        Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
        Sorry, Matt, but you can be a bit myopic. The fact that you're open to nothing but Lia is preventing you from achieving your dreams. You can't base your whole being around that. It's not true.

        Just sayin. Unless you truly believe the Joker's Reich hinges on Lia.
        Nothing hinges on Lia.

        I thought that, but I'm praying for the grace to as they say in AA "Let go and let God".

        Also, I have Lia, lots of her, bride of my soul, the Fascist State entity, and Leah the Hebrew who was treated as a leper unwanted all her life, despite being the most beautiful and most important of all women in Scripture (even more important than the Virgin Mary).

        So, I'm all Liad out. Deep is calling upon deep, and I need someone who thinks deep like the Lia I know, not the shallow Lia Incarnate that I poured my heart out to, who had nothing deep to say in response but "I don't feel safe".

        So, yeah. Trying to let go indeed. I simply need to break the curse by sending her a good letter letting her know that she didn't do anything wrong.

        (That isn't entirely true about her doing nothing wrong, but to ease her suffering I need to let her believe that, because at the end of the day, I was the one who was the most wrong by far, so shall share the most guilt.

        Also, I feel the pain she is in. I am a very toxic destructive force when I start resenting someone.

        If she is happy and free of fear and guilt, it is then I can be more happy. I've never caused so much pain to anyone that I know of (despite possibly my involvement in an online enemy mysteriously dying shortly after I uploaded a hateful video for him with my contact info) or caused someone to lose their job, so that will heavily pierce my skull with a crown of thorns until I have done what I can do to ease the crown I forced her to wear.

        In the end, we did things to hurt each other. I will heal when she does.

        But all she needs to know is that I recognize it all as from my end, she needs to not even feel a little responsibility for it. As long as she thinks I resent her, there will be lingering fear. She knows about my violent criminal history.

        I was just joking about the curse of the frog goddess though. I'll have to use smileys so people know when i'm not being serious.



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          The stone rejected by the builders has become the chief cornerstone
          -- Christ the Messiah, Crucified King of the Jews

          The Caesar has need of the Clown and Vermin. Such are the "Morning Stars" of Fascism -- Ghost of Mussolini the Fascist Paraclete, upside down Caesar of the World of the Dead who Resembles the cursed spirit that rideth upon a pale horse. Checking his list of whose been naughty or nice!

          spigelman-face-of-fascism.jpg D9K6lEUXYAAmNQl.jpg

          7d490c5802aa67b8306c849a0ba009a3.jpg crucified-clown-ramon-martinez.jpg crucified_clown_1654415.jpg
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            I guess not every girl wants to be murdered. Hope you can find the one who does.


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              Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
              I guess not every girl wants to be murdered. Hope you can find the one who does.

              Lia knows I'm harmless and only tried to murder one person and it was a guy. Plus it was with a butcher knife in my left hand and he was twice my size. I'm right handed, on poor man's PCP, so clearly, it was only a warning that he should quit fucking with me and calling me names like "Cannibal", before someone eats his face.

              Hannibal_Lecter_in_Silence_of_the_Lambs.jpg intro-1568920260.jpg

              She knows I'd never hurt a woman, call myself Ted Bunny, and had police come search my place for enshrining and burning incense before Ted Bundy victims in the woods.

              Relax! A guy who burns incense to Ted Bundy Victims ( in the City of Ted's first victim) and tried to kill a man with two stabs to the chest is a hero to every woman in America.

              Matthew and Ted are also two names which mean "God's gift". We're both born again Republicans. What could possibly go wrong?

              wp-1478752812411 (1).jpg IMG_20210214_155940.jpg
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                I still say you're just a fucking sweetheart. Look at those puppy dog eyes. That's what girls really want.


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                  No, it's a joke. Sorry, I'm not a very funny clown yet.

                  I heard the movie Joker wasn't funny though and made people feel sick inside.

                  In all seriousness, please almighty God, love Lia with every soul and Angel in Heaven. May she be blessed by all good Spirits and protected from any evil Spirit or influence, including myself.

                  Just please make her feel safe and free. If she lives with guilt that I placed on her or lingering suspicion that I want to harm her, that will only serve to leave us both in bondage.

                  By the blood of Christ I break all bondage both of us are in, praying we both receive purity of heart and healing. By the death of Christ, I pray that if it cause her to live, that I would soon die, and my death be accepted as an offering for the good of her soul.

                  Make of poor Lia a great therapist and Saint. Make flowers bloom from the harm that I have done.

                  In Jesus name I pray, Amen! Please make Lia happy Oh God! All Kami, make Lia very happy and guide her in all her ways.


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                    Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
                    I still say you're just a fucking sweetheart. Look at those puppy dog eyes. That's what girls really want.
                    It's funny you say that. Today is the year of the dog in Chinese zodiac, Denise was walking her dog when she got abducted, and the brightest star in the sky that I wish upon each night for Lia to be a good Saint , is called "The Dog Star".

                    Also, I edited my letter to Lia earlier today describing my meeting her was feeling like "a stray puppy who felt like he found an owner".

                    Coincidences like that I find charming!


                    Also, the last time I spoke with her, the day she locked herself in another room at work, was 11/04 Joker day, one month precisely after the release of the movie Joker. So, I call 04 Lia day as well.


                    Speaking of Lia the Fascist state of course. Her Empire, "Lia's Reich", is also "Lia's Circus".

                    I've just come to terms with the fact that it will not involve Lia Incarnate. And that's okay.


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                      Wishing yourself harm does no one any good. I don't know why you think it does.


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                        Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
                        Wishing yourself harm does no one any good. I don't know why you think it does.
                        It could if it means I die so that she doesn't have to.

                        One reason I jumped was to spare her any suffering I might cause. My surviving that jump caused her lots of suffering. Just sayin.

                        Also, Jesus apparently wished harm upon himself. He said, "No one takes my life from me, I lay it down for humanity". That is technically suicide. According to Scripture it benefited people.

                        Not that i'm Jesus. Just sayin!


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                          Nobody wants you to die, stupid. We actually like you.


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                            Okay...some people want you to die. I don't, though. And if I had been there when the Son of God was crucified, I wouldn't have sat idly by and let it happen, regardless of what he told me to do.


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                              Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
                              Nobody wants you to die, stupid. We actually like you.
                              Appreciate it.

                              But not all people share your sentiments. Lia might not find that feeling mutual. The restraining order was like a "Die mother fucker, die!"

                              (reminds me of this. The first one is worth listening to. Thanks for reminding me of it's existence . And no, I need no pity. I find it amusing!