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The Devil and Yahweh have a lot in common. Yahweh is just more of a bigot!

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  • The Devil and Yahweh have a lot in common. Yahweh is just more of a bigot!

    This is a journal but you're welcome to comment.

    The Devil is a murderer but Yahweh is a murderer and baby killer too, so maybe the Devil is a nicer less narcissistic murderer.

    Yahweh is a total narcissist and jealous bigot. Seems like the Devil isn't really a jealous bigot as much, because he shares his glory with lots of gods and goddesses, inspires many Religions, where Yahweh insists everything people cherish as sacred is an abomination, unless they strictly obey his nonsensical commands, which include killing people for working on the Sabbath. Not to mention everyone has to believe in him and worship him or go to Hell.

    Yahweh had a master race and the Scriptures were all written by his master race, the Prophets almost all belonged to his master race that was actually more racist in the Old Testament than Nazi Germany. The Nazis didn't have scorched earth policies like the genocide God commanded. Like where Joshua was told to kill all men, women, children, and animals of non-Jewish cities.

    Jesus chose 12 Jewish men as Apostles and referred to the non-Jewish woman who sought him for healing as "A dog". And she had to admit that she and her people were dogs, and Jews were the real children, before he would heal her daughter.

    The Devil is probably guilty of terrible things no doubt, but he seems to be less of a bigot or misogynist. I think a lot of violence and cruelty we attribute to Lucifer ( the light bearer) is mental illness, Yahweh's curses (like original sin), or possibly malevolent spirits that Lucifer has no control over anyway.

    Most of the Demons may have rebelled against God because God is an asshole and they had every reason to rebel.

    He might be a much more kind and rational entity than the mass murdering sexist Yahweh who multiplied the pains women go through giving birth and the complications that kill them , all because Eve ate some forbidden fruit.

    How stupid is that shit!

    If you have faith in God , don't keep reading, as I don't want to discourage you from negativity. If you love God, I'm happy for you.

    Thought I'd confine my hatred for God threads to a Diary. Better out than in.

    I just can't read the Bible without anger and hatred filling me, so it's a toxic disgusting book, with some good stuff. I've read the Bible from Genesis to revelation and never seen a book that contradicts itself so much , make me want to vomit, and make my blood boil with rage. Never have I seen a book lead more people to opposite opinions or create more atheists.

    I can't stand being around the average Christian because they say idiotic things like "the dead can't think, because the Bible says so in Ecclesiastes". So my response is, "Okay you fucking idiot, than why was Jesus interacting with Moses on Mount Tabor or did Samuel appear to Saul as a ghost, to tell Saul that he would soon join him in the world of the dead. Why was Abraham interacting with the dead rich man" etc.

    One reason I sold my soul to the Devil was it didn't seem like I would want to be in Heaven bending the knee to and worshipping a God who gives people such miserable lives. Another reason was just out of curiosity as to whether there is any preternatural powers released from doing so.

    God has been good to me in the sense that I have the Capitol Hill Queens, Benito Mussolini and their Holy Roman Empire, Amaterasu and the Egyptian Religion and Shinto, but most Christians, Muslims, and Jews would agree that wasn't from God anyway, but rather a Satanic aberration and Idolatrous abomination.

    So, if everything good I've received in this life wasn't from God, and my whole spirituality pisses God off, why the fuck would I want to be in Heaven, and why doesn't God just put me out of my misery like I asked him to.

    I'm happy only when I do the things that supposedly piss him off like Deify Mussolini, Cyrus the Great, Francisco Franco, Napoleon Bonaparte, Genghis Kahn, and worship the Greek, Roman, Shinto, and Egyptian Goddesses, and enshrine Kami. There is some sort of Spiritual energy that is released from those practices which can cause a natural high, inspiration, greater intelligence, signs, and many coincidences.

    But, if the only thing that makes me happy is sin, I might as well despise the God who made me, the God who only brings misery and allowed a book like the Bible to create a shit load of bigots and people afraid they will go to a lake of fire to be tortured for all eternity by that asshole!

    Takes more courage to tell God "Fuck You!"

    But at the end of the day, I'm not too fond of Lucifer either. My prayer is to have Benito Mussolini raise up a Fascist party in Hell, and the Capitol Hill Queens get the forces of Heaven to help him march on Satan's Capitol and force Lucifer to step down and all fallen Angels obey Il Duce and some new Queens of the underworld, that use the powers of hell in compassionate ways to relieve suffering and make our planet enjoy itself more.

    That all prayers on earth addressed to Lucifer go to Il Duce. Let it be, in Jesus name. Then I shall praise God.

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    Don't get me wrong, I want to be more compassionate, sane, and charitable. I'm just not so sure Yahweh is more compassionate, sane, and charitable than Lucifer or countless other Spirits. I'm seeing evidence that countless human beings are more merciful and kind than their creator. Perhaps Lucifer can give me sanity, prudence, and greater altruistic behavior that eases more misery in our world rather than cause it.

    I dunno. But I don't pray to Lucifer anymore, and don't encourage anyone else to either. That's not the point.

    One thing I love about Hirohito and Mussolini , is I don't get pissed when I pray to them. Same thing with the soldiers of Yasukuni Shrine and Capitol Hill Queens.

    When I pray to God I get pissed.

    Trust me, I'd like to be able to love God, but he is actually at fault for creating this world and forming countless people in the womb to live lives of misery, then abandoning them, and being unfaithful to his word.

    So, it's a lot easier for me to forgive people. It's a lot more difficult to forgive the God who made them, the God who hides himself, who hides the truth, who leaves people confused, then threatens to burn them in Hell for eternity.

    So, I pray oh Lord for the grace though to forgive and love you, because left to will power alone, it is impossible with the amount of cruelty you are guilty of, to love you. Your crimes have racked up worse guilt than all serial killers and Dictators combined.

    Where is a tribunal to hold God accountable for his crimes and his lies?


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      Nevermind everyone, I have mixed feelings about this. I'm not looking for recruits to be pissed at God. Just venting because I'm trying to talk some sense into God who is a bigger ass hole than the Devil at least in some areas.

      At least Lucifer shares some of his glory and doesn't command everyone "worship me alone". He inspires Religions with a lot of Deities, where Yahweh is just jealous and can't stand someone else receiving a little praise.

      Yahweh is the richest fucker in the universe with more girlfriends and people praising him than anyone, and yet he's always so pissed because someone burned incense to a different God or Goddess, and he insists on having all the glory and destroying and condemning what polytheists hold as sacred.

      Also whose worse, the monster or the the one who creates the monster?

      By the way, I'm actually not a polytheist or Pagan. The many Kami I pray to, I believe to be spirits of human beings that once walked the earth, Angels, or Tulpa. Which isn't polytheism.
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