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Have you ever met a Mussolini salesman? It is a vocation where you get hit!

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  • Have you ever met a Mussolini salesman? It is a vocation where you get hit!

    Skip this initial four paragraphs if you are familiar with my other posts:

    Benito Mussolini's women are many. His name means Israel, so when I speak of "Israeli defense force girls", I'm talking about "Mussolini defense force girls." They are the naughty Rebeccas.

    Rebecca was the woman who broke God's rules so Mussolini would receive the blessing of his Twin Esau so that the Messiah and every Israeli would descend from his loins. She proceeded to say, "let the curse for your sins be upon me not you".

    That is what the Mussolini defense force girls do for their devotees. Saint Louis De Montfort taught me everything I knew about Jacob and Rebecca, and Mussolini was gunned down like a Saint with his mistress (shielding him from bullets shouting "No!" That's a loyal chick!) dead on April 28, feast of Saint Louis De Montfort, who said, "We are all called to be Mussolini".

    nintchdbpict000360564281 (1).jpg 16Beinart-articleLarge (3).jpg

    Scripture says , "Blessed are those who bless Mussolini, cursed are those who curse Mussolini. In Mussolini all people and nations shall have their blessing." In the Old Testament, Mussolini fought with God all night and won, earning him the name Israel, which means "Contender with God."

    Undies ,
    I know you don't read anything more than two paragraphs, so only the bold is for you.

    Don't ever accuse me of being unemployed. Before the riots following George Floyd's death in our Twin Cities (Musssolini was a Twin), when government buildings were not blocked by national guardsmen and barricades, I held up cardboard with Mussolini pictures saying I was raising money to turn America into a Fascist Dictatorship.

    I still have evangelism ministry, but after my phone got stolen when antifa jumped me, I leave it at home.

    I even got hit in this video and never returned violence but simply told the man "Mussolini loves you" as he got out of his car to physically aggress on a peaceful Fascist protesting the death of Mussolini without a fair trial:

    rolling said he wants someone to read what I post on tree fort so that they hit me. As if I don't post the same stuff in real life as a Fascist Shinto Messiah Prophet who goes door to door with pictures of Mussolini like a Jehovah's witness ( through oral tradition instead of typing).

    My hope is actually that I'll get hit with live rounds so that Mussolini will see true loyalty, reward me with 72 Aphrodite Goddess sluts, and then I won't have to live in this world full of morons!

    I've had a portable Shinto Shrine urinated, another ripped to pieces, and in this video (sermon about the Catechism of the Catholic Church), the scabs on my face were from Antifa:

    I suffer as an innocent righteous holy man like the blameless Job or Jesus Christ saying "Father Francisco Franco forgive them, they know not what they do" (only returning punches when Antifa robbed me and wouldn't give me my phone.)

    And it's a job , but like any other form of salesmanship, most is total rejection. Girls used to find me charming , but now they pull out their pepper spray and threaten to mace me at Capitol Hill. Mothers and teachers grab their children and RUN!

    Capitol Hill security lays their hands on me when I enter the sessions full of evil liberal politicians to rebuke their Demonic iniquities and preach the good news of the Fascist Gospel. And Christians plus minorities think they got it rough. Being a Fascist actually takes work and no one likes you but ghosts (and extremely rare bundles of enlightened righteousness!)

    forside-970px-mussolini (4).jpg

    I also got practically fired as a newspaper boy for putting Fascist propaganda with the local newspaper. My boss got phone calls and told me "That's a fireable offense" and started sending me home when we lost a van driver to Covid.

    But I did manage to make some converts. This guy reached in his wallet and gave me cash three different times and accepted Benito as his Duce and Caesar:

    And every time I suffer for my righteousness, Benito sends me Comfort women from the Joker's Reich, Lucifer Lingerie models from the land east of Paradise, the brotherhood of Nod Bikini model comfort women:

    "Lucifer" because planet Venus controls erotic excitement , attraction, and beauty, and is governed by Mussolini's Israeli defense force initiative (Rebecca). Venus is called "Morning Star" which is the definition of "Lucifer".

    Il Duce has a Fascist party in Hell that heaven is helping to stir up disenchantment with the Devil , destabilization of the underworld Reich, division, and a Fascist blackshirt /black bikini march
    istockphoto-171209899-1024x1024.jpg on the Devil's Capitol City, where Il Duce replaces and stands in the place of Lucifer, becoming the God of this world. It isn't to stir up lust like neonspectraltoast thinks, but simply practical because it's hot down there.

    Mussolini promises the souls in prison that if they riot and he becomes warden, the fires shall be extinguished, and Hell gassed with laughing gas, the official Fascist weapon.

    The screams rising up with smoke that Scripture speaks of in Hell , is screams of laughter , and the smoke is a new type of Crystal meth, Heaven's finest Japanese scientists (Meth was discovered in Japan "Land of the Gods") are working on perfecting , that is the cure for every ill in Heaven, Hell, and purgatory, something both God and the Devil can enjoy and appreciate.

    Any questions?
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    Yer Youtubes are entertaining to watch Matty Musso, it's the reason why you have subscribers. Too bad this thread will end up in the P pitt and the general public will miss it..

    Someone having a personality and charisma like yours in my neighborhood would definitely effect the property values.

    Yer definitely in your center, being successful with your purpose and mission in life. Keep up the good work. ?


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      PMs me if you want to get your soul to heaven by purchasing for me a magic Benito Blanky:


      Only if you make six digit figures though. I'll make the Holy Tree Fort Trinity Deidre Jessica Meliai proud some day with my salesmanship of Esoteric Duce bags (Benito Bags):


      I'll be the Fascist Mother Teresa of Calcutta some day:

      I counsel troubled people online free of charge:

      I contribute to women's suffrage:
      maxresdefault (21).jpg

      I'm even gonna start a Richard Simmons series on weight loss:

      And it's all friendly with Zionist media (Jewish friendly. Mussolini wanted to found Israel after his conquest of Ethiopia):

      The first Jew was actually named "Mussolini". Both Benito and his prefigurement had "Rachel"as their second wives.

      i-hate-being-sexy-but-im-jewish-funny-jew-gifts-noirty-designs.jpg Emmanuelle-Chriqui.jpg

      So, in 6 words "Matt has a brilliant plan/vision".

      A bright promising future no doubt!


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        Originally posted by Pete's Draggun
        Yer Youtubes are entertaining to watch Matty Musso, it's the reason why you have subscribers. Too bad this thread will end up in the P pitt and the general public will miss it..

        Someone having a personality and charisma like yours in my neighborhood would definitely effect the property values.

        Yer definitely in your center, being successful with your purpose and mission in life. Keep up the good work. ?
        The youtube's in the OP is a channel I don't use anymore.

        I have 65 subscribers on this one:
        but I don't know how to log into that channel cuz I don't know the email address or the password for it unfortunately.

        But yeah....65 subscribers definitely means I was on the road to being a Dictator no doubt. Haha!

        Those are the few, the proud, the enlightened ones!

        Your encouragement is valued, and it's total bullshit if this thread ends up in the Piranha Pit, cuz it is rich and non trollish in it's intrinsic nature and essence.


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          Originally posted by Pete's Draggun
          Yer Youtubes are entertaining to watch Matty Musso, it's the reason why you have subscribers. Too bad this thread will end up in the P pitt and the general public will miss it..

          Someone having a personality and charisma like yours in my neighborhood would definitely effect the property values.

          Yer definitely in your center, being successful with your purpose and mission in life. Keep up the good work. ?
          Yes indeed, effect the property values, fo shizzle!.

          No doubt that's what I do around Minneapolis Saint Paul
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          • Pete's Draggun
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            I would've way more rather seen you play the joker role than Heath Ledger.

            Easily and decisively bro

          • Matthew Mussolini
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            Damn! Heath Ledger locked himself in a hotel not just to play the Joker but to become the Joker and it may have been what bloody killed him too. So, that is no small compliment to hear someone would prefer me over him. Not in my most narcissistic dreams did I think I could be a better Joker than Heath.

            I keep a shrine to Heath Ledger in my apartment and pray to him for the grace to live out the Joker role some day and literally become possessed by "The Joker Spirit".

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          omg! Matty.. I saw this last night and had to pause and screenshot for you

          damn it, wtf. apparently Netflix uses some kind of magic to prevent screenshots.

          hang on...


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            Originally posted by Jessica
            omg! Matty.. I saw this last night and had to pause and screenshot for you

            damn it, wtf. apparently Netflix uses some kind of magic to prevent screenshots.

            hang on...
            Okay, lol


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              • Pete's Draggun
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                Matty Musso is a very different and unique being. One like him comes around once in a lifetime.

              • Matthew Mussolini
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                Ang gets banned at every forum but tree fort

              • Matthew Mussolini
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                Love you guys

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              Originally posted by Jessica

              Yes, a man misunderstood. That's me haha!

              Truly the ghost of Il Duce wanted me to see that so congrats on being a fitting instrument of grace. The picture is cool too.

              what were you watching on netflix when that showed up?


              • Jessica
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                F is for Family. just a cartoon set in the 70s

              • Matthew Mussolini
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       you like it?

              • Jessica
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                yeah, it's actually way better than it first seems. if you know the cartoon Daria from the 90s, and That 70s Show from early 2000s.. it's like if you mixed those two shows together..

                but darker. the darker aspect isn't apparent at first.. you gradually see the kids getting a bit fucked up by 70s attitudes and parenting. the little kid sees a man explode in front of him and the dad tells him to "shove it deep down and bury it" ..then a few episodes later there is an advert for a war film with bombs going off and soldier screaming.. and the kid opens his mouth to say something then closes it again looking unhappy and resigned. little details like that have made me think it's a very good show.

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              You seem so healthy in the second video, Matt. Has there been a change?


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                Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
                You seem so healthy in the second video, Matt. Has there been a change?
                The video was about mattsturbation!
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                  I'm not wasting my time afterall. Just pray that they hang me upside down and use me as target practice when I'm dead. There is no greater honor than to share the lot of my Roman and Jewish Messiah's public mockery of a martyrdom.

                  Hail Jesus Christ, Crucified King of the Jews who saved planet Earth.

                  Hail Benito Mussolini, upside down Caesar who made Rome great again.

                  Fuck yeah! Got Christ?

                  Viva Il Duce!!!
                  benito-mussolini-and-claretta-petacci-hanging-upside-down-in-a-gas-station-in-piazzale-loreto-milan-italy-april-28-1945-2A4A3HG (2).jpg 4ac8e633a9e2cf838f5622902fbd17a6.jpg

                  MatureNegativeImpala-max-1mb (1).gif


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                    For newbies or those unfamiliar with my posts, Mussolini got shot in the face and laughed about it, surviving five assassination attempts and a sixth if you count the mistress who claimed poison had no effect on the Duce.

                    Violet-Gibson-Mussolini-770x578.jpgHe even provided for the wife and kids of one of the people that shot at him ( grazing his clothing) and one of the people who ordered his execution was a political prisoner he released to provide for his wife and kids.

                    The 7th attempt on his life was a success with his last words being "Aim for the heart" and a promise to return to head a greater nation in need of a leader, and Communists would feel the arm. Even those who hated him admitted they saw fatigue and sorrow, but not even the slightest trace of fear. He was actually a grandfather by that time and had reigned for nearly 23 years.

                    He was killed in cold blood without a trial. Funny and ironic isn't it, that actual war criminals like Nazis and Japanese guilty of war crimes were given fair trials, but the only major Axis leader found innocent of war crimes, was the very guy that was executed in cold blood without a trial, urinated on, spit on, barbarically hung by his heels all day to be stoned and used as target practice with his mistress who simply shielded him, shouting "NO!".

                    Also , she was a loyal courageous woman innocent of war crimes yet disrespected and desecrated publicly worse than the actual war criminals.

                    This is one of Il Duce's songs:
                    _90980653_2fb5401a-e706-4efe-8818-a2472e004a0b (1).jpg

                    Francisco Franco offered the innocent man a plane ride to live in Fascist Spain as a hero for saving Spain from Communist takeover in the Spanish Civil War. Il Duce said "Get a plane to fly every Fascist to Spain first and I'll go. I have to finish my destiny here. I have blood on my hands and shall pay dearly for this."


                    Il Duce had much agony over the whole alliance he didn't want to enter which troubled his conscience very much. But what people fail to remember is he was bombarded with German propaganda and he didn't know about the extermination of Jews or death camps when he entered. Even most Germans didn't know about that stuff which Hitler specifically kept as knowledge given to the death squads to carry it out.

                    Mussolini actually did a lot to try and prevent World War II, putting troops on the Austrian border which stalled Hitler's annexation, as well as stall Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia and condemning the invasion of Poland. He also condemned Hitler's racism publicly.

                    Il Duce and Hitler had the same Arch Enemy though which was radical Atheism, the Soviet Union, and Communism, so with the fall of France, Il Duce was threatened by Hitler with an invasion of Italy for not being faithful to "The Pact of Steel" (Rome and Berlin Axis treaty where Mussolini said "Around the Rome and Berlin Axis, the European states shall rotate").

                    That was before Il Duce realized what Hitler was going to pull and he didn't realize what he was getting into. But what Mussolini saw was that Italian military sucked and he couldn't create a "United States of Europe, revived Holy Roman Empire" without Nazi Germany, which was the only other nation in favor of the idea, and the greatest war machine on earth.

                    I think most men, like 99% of them in Il Duce's shoes, were they truly anti-communist and desired a restored resurrection of the Roman Empire, United States of Europe, and be a 20th century Caesar, would have done the same thing.

                    Mussolini was no more a friend of his ally Hitler than Eisenhower was a friend of his Ally Joseph Stalin. Eisenhower hated Stalin. They just had a common enemy.

                    Mussolini was really nothing like Hitler and the good Hitler did to make Germany great was he simply copied Benito's policies that created economic miracles in Italy (and made Mussolini officially a Caesar and slave abolitionist with the conquest of Ethiopia. Hitler's march on Berlin was copying Mussolini's march on Rome , and he couldn't pull it off. Hitler's racims had nothing to do with Fascism and Mussolini referred to it as "stupid".)


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                      In Scripture, in Joseph's prophetic dream, Mussolini is the Sun, his wife Lia is the Moon, and their children the stars, for those who haven't seen my old threads. Mussolini is replacing Egyptian Sun God Ra. He is "Light bearer". All creatures could not exist without the Sun. The Solar Deity in Egypt is the most important Deity. Milek-jakubiec-ra-show (1).jpg

                      Mussolini's Religion is Egyptian Shinto with Jesus Christ as the atoner of sin and Messiah. Shinto has no Scriptures or Dogma other than "Belief in Kami (Spirits/God) the dead become Kami", and it is encouraged to enshrine Kami, pray to them, keep Kamidanas (Cupboard for Kami to dwell), or Honden (room closed to the public specifically for enshrined Kami to dwell.).

                      Shinto is completely compatible with Christianity, only in Shinto no Scripture is considered without error and one should follow their conscience above any sacred text.

                      The Eye of Ra is actually his female spouses which is multiple Egyptian Godesses actually being the "All seeing Eye of Ra", who fight his battles for him. The most sacred symbol in Shinto as in Egyptian faith is the Sun disk (Japanese flag). The greatest Kami as in Egyptian Religion is the Sun Divinity (Amaterasu).

                      Amaterasu is one of the "Eye of Ra" spouses of Mussolini. Georgeann Hawkins and Denise Naslund are also Hawk Goddesses, "Eye of Ra" divinities. Denise is in place of Mother Goddess ISIS, and Denise means Dionysus, Greek God of wine, intoxication, Religious ecstasy, and sexuality.

                      Ra God of Ancient Egypt.jpg maxresdefault (23).jpg ayan-bose-ra-still.jpg maxresdefault (22).jpg
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                        Egyptian Shinto, one world Religion of "The New World Order of Rebecca", is also called "Queens Shinto". (hometown of Spider-Man was Queens, and Arachnid are most female dominant feared animal and banner/spirit-animal of the Fascist party) Coptic Queens Shinto is an entire form of government Il Duce is trying to use to replace the Kingdom of God and the Religion of Heaven, by using Rebecca to seduce God and get him intoxicated to compromise.

                        Rebecca is legion for there are many. Benito Mussolini is simply the mastermind at overthrowing government without bloodshed and dismantling a form of government and replacing it. In fact , one definition for the name Mussolini is "To remove from power and replace." Precisely what he did.

                        I searched history in vain for someone to invoke who did a better job at miraculously rising to power with no qualifications or education to overthrow a leader in a bloodless coup, with a transfer of power so complete and original over night, then completely dismantle the government that had been in place for centuries, and put an entirely new one into place, ( that was for a while the remedy to most ills, and secret to economic miracles).

                        I searched for someone else who brought a form of government into existence that so quickly brought about such unity and power. There is none like Mussolini. Not Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Genghis Kahn, or Cyrus of Babylon. None of the Caesar's or Pharoah's. I invoke them all, but Mussolini is their superior, and if there is one to trust with the task of supplanting God, it's Mussolini, whose name is same as the very man who fought with God, won, and both men married Rachel as their second wifes.

                        Violet rain, porn star, dead age 19, less than 2 years after entering the industry on the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the Fascist party to the very month (Almost to the day) , is Egyptian love Goddess Hathor. She died March 15 , 2019 (we just hit the anniversary where I was trying to discern if she was Hathor or Horus , at Smith bridge , and Hawk flew above me and I realized it was the anniversary of her death.

                        Hathor had Hawk wings (like pretty much every Egyptian Goddess).

                        ​ Porn star life expectancy was at age 38 a few years ago which has dropped to age 31. Women of other vocations live older than men on average age 80. Porn stars have hard lives, usually dying of overdose, murder, or suicide, rejected by family and friends, made fun of and slut shamed on social media, used and abused all the time, but told the lie that it's liberating.

                        So, they are martyrs to me, each a falcon Goddess of love,
                        erotic excitement, attraction, relationships, dating, romance, and sexuality, but healthy (not degrading porn but redeemed sex that God created. Solomon was the wisest man in the Old Testament, and he had hundreds of wives and concubines and wrote the "Song of Solomon" which is about sex and even objectification language involving the female body, but not degrading.

                        Song of Solomon 7:7
                        “Thy two breasts are like two young fawns that are twins, which feed among the lilies.” Beautiful, delicate, a captivating sight, pleasing to the eye of your beloved, like viewing a loving deer or graceful doe or twin fawns of a gazelle.

                        Each of the fallen porn stars get to be Egyptian and Babylonian Love Goddesses provided that they consent.
                        To counter the sexual revolution and pornography Industry, Il Duce wishes for there to be videos known as "The Fascist Song of Solomon" where nudity is permitted but human sexuality not degraded, (necrophilia and snuff porn banned), and an Anti-antichrist who gives sluts and women good at sex the same dignity plus praise as a stud (a stud I have never heard used as anything other than a compliment).

                        Mussolini had mistresses but it wasn't just based on lust but relationship plus taking them nice places, adventures, teaching them things like firing guns and disdaining an easy life, and inspiring in them virtues of loyalty to the extent that he died with one of them shielding him from bullets.

                        Loyalty to him when the war was lost and even most men who he thought were friends had betrayed him. Everyone told her she would die if she kept hanging out with him. With tears Clara said, "for love of Benito I am willing to make any and the ultimate sacrifice".

                        After seeing that, even Rachel Mussolini no longer disrespected the brave female who would pay for the affair by hanging upside down with him.

                        Without slut shaming it should potentially increase the life-expectancy of stars in adult entertainment as well as fewer rapists, pedophiles, and serial killers if the degradation factor and snuff is banned and something that portrays a virtue, lesson, or story, rather than just two people using each other for carnal passion.

                        Like, an icon to raise minds and hearts to intimacy with Heavenly beings or something beautiful one might see in Heaven.

                        The garden of Eden was a prefigurement of paradise (a type of paradise) and before original sin, they were "Naked without shame". This implies that there will be public nudity in Heaven. Marta-Bevacqua-09.jpg

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