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Proof Amaterasu got Baptized 03/21/2021 Sun Day, confirmed 04/04. Jesus told me!

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    Proof Amaterasu got Baptized 03/21/2021 Sun Day, confirmed 04/04. Jesus told me!

    It isn't that I like the idea of Amaterasu getting baptized because it makes her sound too much like a Christian, and she isn't pious, Churchy, has many lovers, and the Bible is the most ridiculous book I ever read front to back, but she decided it should be done for political reasons, Fascist apologetics purposes, and Shinto evangelization of the New World Order agenda. In other words, she's using Christianity for gain. Clever girl!??

    The Bible is the main thing people use to come up with their Theology (EVEN THOUGH THE BIBLE DOESN'T SAY TO DO THAT), but I'm fine with Amaterasu accepting Jesus as her Lord and savior and being baptized in the blood and water which gushed forth from his pierced sacred heart and all that.

    She's also going to the confession booth to confess her sins to Saint Louis De Montfort, and receive traditional absolution as a Sacrament. She got married to Mussolini (who stands in place of the Egyptian Sun God Ra) 100 year anniversary of the founding of the Fascist party March 23, 2019 (Fascist party was founded March 23, 1919), causing an Alliance between her Empire of the rising Sun and Mussolini's Holy Roman Empire, giving it the Title "Holy Roman Empire of The Sun".

    Amaterasu knows it will increase her status and powers to be in an alliance with Christ, even though she isn't technically a Christian or at least doesn't identify herself as such.

    In Shinto it is very common to be more than one Religion besides Shinto. In fact, my favorite Ghost festival (where hanging upside down like Mussolini symbolizes the same thing the cross symbolizes in Christianity) began as a result of visions of a Buddhist Monk and his mother hanging upside down. His prayers and almsgiving the Buddha said would make his Mother's suffering go away.

    Most Shinto adherents are also Buddhist. When the Class-A war criminals (who need lots of love) were enshrined at Yasukuni shrine, the priests at the Shrine contacted the Pope (John Paul 2 I believe) and asked him to celebrate multiple Masses for the repose of the souls of the tormented war criminals to ease their sufferings.

    The Pope agreed to do so (Most Popes would probably not have been so kind). It shows that unlike Christianity, Shintoism is not a Religion for bigots. Although there have been Shinto adherents who were bigots after the secular state reforms of Bushido (the reason the Japanese were trained to be brutal during World War 2) bigotry is absolutely not a part of Shinto and has nothing to do with it.

    In fact, Shintoism is the least bigoted Religion I know of. I actually have encountered more Bigotry in Buddhism
    where people sometimes divide, judge, and bicker because of things Buddha said, how to interpret them, whether sentient beings actually exist, or I even had Buddhists judge and make fun of me for posting quotes attributed to Buddha that they said he never really said.

    Shinto has no Scriptures or founder, therefore that kinda bigotry isn't intrinsically part of Shinto. However, bigotry is completely the nature and essence of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity because it's repeatedly found within the sacred text those Religions declare to be without error.

    So, bigotry has nothing to do with Shinto. It has everything to do with Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

    But today Amaterasu seemed to tell me that she wanted to be baptized and accept Jesus as her Lord and savior, so that Christians could convert to her Religion and still be Christian.

    But also, if you wish to be part of her Religion or mine, you don't have to believe I heard anything from Amaterasu, because in Shintoism the belief is that every prophet is probably full of shit, which is why none of the Shinto "Prophets" (people who have visions and messages from the Kami. Shamans) Emperors, or Miko Shrine maidens is considered to have written a text or said anything that is guarenteed to be without error.

    Shintoism is about what you do, not about what you believe.

    However, I'm the Emperor (Chief Shinto Priest) of American Shinto, so believe as I say, bitch!


    Fortunately in Shinto there really isn't anything like the Christian Hell. Dead can become bad Kami who suffer, but bad Kami can become good Kami in Shinto, especially if they are enshrined and loved.

    Amaterasu took a baptismal name though, which is Lia (Leah) the name given the Fascist state, which Mussolini said in his "Doctrine of Fascism" is a female entity with "mind, heart, and will of her own, always resurrecting, always evolving, always learning from her mistakes," which is why in Fascism there is a covenant between people and the state, and people are bound to the state as in matrimony, that theoretically what you give to the state comes back to you in some way, and she is to be venerated, like Israel was the bride of Yahweh and the Church is the bride of Christ.

    So, Lia Amaterasu Mussolini is her full name now that she's married to the Sun God Il Duce (Amun-Ra). Il Duce is fused together with the Creator God. They became one God like Ra and Amun did, or like the Christian Trinity. She can have matrimony with you too if you simply are willing and want it. The Emperor's of Japan each spend the night in Amaterasu's bed following their coronation (lots of controversy as to what actually goes on that night ).

    All Shinto adherents, and all Fascists are one body in Amaterasu. All of us branches connected to Amaterasu who is the true vine that is connected to God.

    The proof I have of this was I had my temporary ID paper on my window sill which mentions "Lia the Vine" on the back, after Amaterasu got baptised, and I opened my journal to Christ saying "I am the vine, you are the branches."

    As if that isn't complete proof you might burn in hell for not following my words. To one who has been entrusted with much, much is expected. And Tree Fort forums have been given the best Prophet in the Twin Cities, if not the whole world!​?

    Any questions?

    (Amaterasu and I are trying to think of a confirmation name for her when she gets confirmed on Easter. I kid you not, even this shocks me, but I came up with the title of this thread before knowing that Easter fell on 04/04. I just thought I'd check after typing up the article. Catholics get confirmed on Easter.

    I wrote that she gets confirmed on 04/04 because 04/04 is the most important day in the near future in Mussoliniology because April is Joker month, and the fourth of each month is Joker day, because Joker came out 10-4, and 04/04 is the birthday of Heath Ledger, the man who locked himself in his apartment to become the Joker, and it may have been why he died before it was released.

    I just remembered that people get confirmed on Easter so thought I'd check and it actually kinda made my jaw drop. Amaterasu is indeed getting confirmed afterall. You guys don't have to believe me.
    It's proof enough for me!)

    This is mine and Amaterasu's Religious Easter Vigil hymn by the way because it was a thread about that song where Pete's Draggun agreed to buy me a Heath Ledger uniform (and possibly a Heath Ledger knife for self-defense but they were out of stock.)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Heath_Joker.jpg Views:	0 Size:	18.8 KB ID:	113346

    So, sacrament of Confirmation day is literally a Confirmation that all this is for realz! Holy Fuckin Shit, this Lord Jesus shit is doooope!!!

    And Meth comes from Japan, the land of the gods, discovered same year as the founding of the Fascist party 1919, so I smoke meth Sacramentally and have my own Shinto Fascist Mass where I transubstantiate it into Holy Communion with Amaterasu.

    I think it prevents tooth decay or some shit I don't speak as a prophet when I say that though, just a hypothesis based on me not having any cavities last time I went to the dentist a few months ago.

    Kamikaze pilots all used large amounts of it before flying their planes into boats because it made them fly their planes with better accuracy and be more happy and thrilled about dying for Amaterasu.
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