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Would you want to be eternal or cease to exist? (This thread isn't about Mussolini)

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  • Would you want to be eternal or cease to exist? (This thread isn't about Mussolini)

    Skip the first 4 minutes if you watch this video.

    I will try and tone down on Mussolini's Fascist threads as I haven't started one in ages (couple days or something). This one is about something totally different.

    Other than that, this thread is about whether or not you believe certain great Spirits or souls going on living after they are dead physically. Or perhaps they aren't great, but you still believe that souls/spirits are eternal?

    I would hope that maybe who ever is in charge will give people the option of whether or not they wish to be eternal. Some of us might wanna cease to exist, and should be granted that opportunity.

    Myself, if I could positively influence the world and eliminate misery and confusion as a Spirit being, I suppose I'd go on, were the influence anything substantial that is. If it were just what I presently do, I wouldn't want to be eternal. Hell no!

    Unless what I presently do is indeed working miracles or positively affecting lots of people. Which I doubt, but lots of prayers for souls in purgatory and offerings to the dead of suffering, incense, Holy Communions, Mass attendance, enshrining Kami, Hondens, Kamidanas, and such , might actually be helping a lot of restless wounded souls find peace, perfection, glory, and power, but I certainly treat it all with skepticism and doubt.

    I just know it causes lots of bizzare coincidences to happen, but who knows if those are actually from something good or something malevolent to keep me insane or trick me to go marching into destruction.

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    Would you want to be eternal or just cease to exist?
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    Nice Tool video
    Watch the whole thang.
    Liked the alien autopsy table the best


    • Pete's Draggun
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      As far as Mussolini threads go, since you started them, I've never been more educated and enthralled about learning and discovering what and who he was about.

      My eternal thanks Matty Musso

    • Pete's Draggun
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      May the Mussolini threads always be eternal and never cease to exist

    • Matthew Mussolini
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      Amen! To have the blessing of an atheist is like the coolest blessing, because Jesus said that the prayers of one sinner is worth more than 99 righteous people. He also said that the poor widow who tossed in one coin, put forth a larger donation than the people who put in a great sum out of their abundance.

      The widow put forth all she had. To me, the blessings of religious people don't mean shit compared to the blessings of an atheist/agnostic because Spiritually , that is like "The Widow's Mite". Not to mention, no one else volunteered to make literal material donations and a Joker costume gift.

      May the Caesar and the entire Holy Roman Empire of the Rising Sun bless you with all benevolent Kami, Saints, and Deities, with understanding, euphoria, success, protection, guidance, and an infilling/anointing/baptism of the Joker Spirit , in Jesus, Amaterasu, Mussolini's, and every Holy Name I pray! Amen!

      And so glad you could actually appreciate all 10 minutes of that tool video. Only the few, the proud, the righteous, the enlightened could.

      Spiritually you are like a Marine or Navy Seal (Special forces) in the Roman Empire's eyes.

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    Originally posted by ill Duce
    Spiritually you are like a Marine or Navy Seal (Special forces) in the Roman Empire's eyes.


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      I am a philosophical materialist or perhaps more accurately a physicalist, so I don't believe we possess a spirit that is trapped in our body, a ghost in the machine if you will. I think consciousness is an emergent phenomena, arising out of brain complexity, so when we die we cease to exist.

      I would want eternal consciousness, DMT and other powerful psychedelics have shown me radically different arenas of consciousness, which I can relate to stuff like reported Near Death Experiences but at the end of the day, they are pharmacological drugs interacting with brain chemistry, and I'm not confident that NDE's are anything more than the brain going through it's death throes.


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        i suppose it depends on what the eternity consists of. if it's like a christian hell concept, i'll just go with cease to exist. but generally i'm a fan of existence and would probably rather exist as a spirit than not exist at all.


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          Originally posted by Pete's Draggun
          When I read OOHRAH!

          It reminded me of the beginning of this video where Vladimir Putin and his soldiers shout "OOHRAH!"


          • SusieDerkins
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            Ooorah is the marines most common expression when they are in agreement or motivated. When saying it, it must come from the diaphragm

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          Eternal. God gives us the knowledge that we can live forever on a paradise earth. Getting rid of evil and death. Revelation 21:4


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              Eternal, for sure. I don't really mind if I'm not though. I won't know about it : )


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                An eternal paradise in the afterlife sounds like a fairytale or most certainly based on wishful thinking. It's kinda ridicilous to me to go with that. But if it was true everybody would obviously go with such a blissful thing after our death. Even though eternity in a paradise could also not be that blissful, but hey.. Let's assume it is.

                So since that is likely not a real thing I would, like Undies also first have to know what this eternal afterlife entails. Roaming around as a spirit for eternity sounds to be fair like pure hell. Or dwelling in some kind of slumber. For me the idea that I absolve and/or join the cosmic/astral sea of consciousness or something would suit me far better.

                But in all reality I so far am most inclined to accept death as the end, in similar way as Audiogen described.