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Proof that Celine Martin supplanted Goddess Nut!

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    Proof that Celine Martin supplanted Goddess Nut!

    Celine Martin was the sister of Saint Therese of Liseux, the little flower, who nobody wanted to canonize because she didn't do anything special. She wanted to be a missionary but was too incompetent and simple, but after her death at age 24, she began working so many miracles, that the Pope declared her "Patron Saint of missionaries" and "the greatest Saint of modern time."

    All she actually did was simply do laundry, dishes, sweep, mop, and the most unappreciated tasks. She did little things with great love. She's one of the only three female Doctors of the Church , and in modern times considered a greater Saint than even any modern Popes and Bishops.

    It goes to show that if you punch into a dead end job that you hate, or are a janitor or something, you can become a greater Saint than any Pope by just doing little things with great love. Mother Teresa took Therese as her patron Saint.

    But anyway, I was reading about Celine Martin , sister of Therese, today because the name "Celina" was written on the wall at the Hospital where I dislocated my shoulder on the anniversary birthday of the founding of the Fascist party "March 23rd".

    I just got done that night telling Zoolander about the Fascist state being symbolized by the moon, and the significance of Fatima, the name of the Arab Moon Goddess " Virgin Queen of Heaven", favorite daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and the title of the Virgin Mary , where she made a vision of the Sun dance witnessed by over 70,000 people, many of them Communist Atheists, at Cova Da Iria, Fatima Portugal 1917.

    I googled Celina, and it added she is Goddess of the sky as well. So I declared she is the female version of Sky God Tengri, whom Genghis Kahn (Greatest conqueror in history) gave credit for conquering 40% of the world and governing countless millions with 100,000 men. Before each battle he spent all day and night in his tent praying to the sky God, and told everyone it wasn't him winning the battles but Tengri who protected him as a child when he was an escaped slave and orphan.

    So, mallyboppa made a joke about, "Where's the squirrel"...and showed a picture of a chick with nuts. I didn't get the joke until about two hours later some tweaker friend of mine offers me a lighter for keeps (which was weird cuz I had one and didn't need one). It has a squirrel on it and "Nuts":

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20210326_094918.jpg Views:	0 Size:	929.5 KB ID:	115313

    shortly after that, I google "Goddess of the sky" and first thing to pop up, the only image to pop up as well was the Egyptian Goddess of the sky "Nut". I thought Hathor was the Egyptian sky Goddess and didn't know there was a Nut whose swallows Ra every night (Mussolini).

    Click image for larger version  Name:	About-Goddess-Nut-yt501.jpg Views:	0 Size:	121.5 KB ID:	115314
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    Oddly enough, Fatima the Arab Goddess in Syrian mythology is the source of the sun as well.

    The crazy thing is, I said Il Duce supplanted and replaced Sun God Ra , because the first person of the Mussolini Trinity with the same name, was represented by the Sun in the prophetic vision involving Sun, Moon, and Stars. Well, Celine Martin was born the very day Mussolini was gunned down, the day I said was "Feast of Saint Mussolini" on other threads.

    Mussolini was hung by his heels on April 29, birthday of Emperor Hirohito, the primary Emperor most soldiers of Yasukuni shrine died for, and Celine was born 1869, the year Yasukuni shrine was erected in Tokyo. (Also, Heel is one of the definitions for the name " Mussolini".)

    Also, earlier today Beach Ball Bitch mentioned Marvin the Martian, and I told neonspectraltoast Mussolini did purgatory time on Mars and was a Martian. Well , Celine's last name is Martin, which means "Martian" and comes from "Mars" the Roman God of War.

    On Beach ball bitches thread WritersPanic asked me about where March gets it's name. I told him I identify Mussolini as the Roman God of War in his Roman Equivalent (Ra is his Eyptian version) , and the month of March comes from Mars, plus is the month of the Fascist party, because Fascist party was founded March 23rd, (the day I wound up in hospital room with "Celina" on wall.

    So, Celine's last name is essentially "Mars" which I identify as being "Mussolini" and she was born feast of Mussolini. If that isn't proof, I don't know what is!

    And don't say all my Fascist threads are the same either. They are actually all completely new pieces of information, new discoveries, with reference to some things I mentioned elsewhere that correlate. Big differences though as the primary point being made is always totally unique.

    Since she was a Carmelite Nun from France (risen to become Goddess of the Clear blue Sky), and Dea means "Goddess", I figured this is a good image for her:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_12732.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.96 MB ID:	115316
    Click image for larger version  Name:	converted.gif Views:	0 Size:	3.94 MB ID:	115317
    Nothing wrong with Milkers. Even Jesus got to make his own Mamma whose milk didst he drinketh and whose nipples didst he suckle!

    Speaking of milkers, the Symbol for the Roman Empire is the Capitoline She-Wolf who tradition declares the Twin Founders of Rome were visited by a wolf who let them drink milk from her teet (s), and that was what kept the Twins Romulus and Remus alive.

    (I live in the Twin Cities, and Scripture refers to milkers as "Twin Fawns." Plus , in the Old Testament, Mussolini was a Twin, and our Baseball team is called the "Twins", in honor of Amaterasu's Twins of course, because Saint Paul is called the sister city of Nagasaki when the two cities formed a Twin Sister relationship in 1955 .)

    I'm pretty sure Capitoline She-Wolf was Amaterasu, the highest Kami in Shinto, who sometimes appears as a wolf, and that Romulus and Remus were drinking the milk of a Goddess actually.

    Other strange fact is I called Denise Marie Naslund the Queen of France before knowing her first and middle name are French, or that she died July 14, National France day, biggest military march day in western Europe (March comes from Mars remember).

    In 1955, the City of Saint Paul and the City of Nagasaki formed a sister city relationship. In 1974, the Rotary International Convention was held in the Twin Cities. Denise was born 1955 and died 1974. Rachel Mussolini's two books, which are the only reason I even talk about Mussolini, (let alone like him or Fascism), came out 01/01/1974, the final/last birthday of Denise Naslund before her murder.

    Well, Denise Naslund is half Lebanese, and her Mother's maiden name is Deeb, which means Wolf in Arabic. It was Denise Naslund who introduced me to Fascism and Shinto
    before I knew what each of them were, the first Kami I ever prayed to from the "Holy Roman Empire of The Sun", and so I had nicknamed her "Capitoline Wolf, Amaterasu of American State Shinto".

    That's actually proof enough for me!

    (Oh, and Vanilla Gorilla introduced me to Stereopony which I told him reminds me of Amaterasu. When I read "Hitohira, I thought it said "Hirohito". I'm clearly dylexic. Hirohito is my favorite Religious leader of all time and had the most loyal following of any man I know of in a short amount of time including Jesus Christ.

    Hirohito is a descendant of Amaterasu.)
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    And yes, as neonspectraltoast will undoubtedly point out "Nobody Cares", which is possibly true.

    But Pete's Draggun has declared he is in debt to my Mussolini threads for enhancing his life, and gave them the atheist blessing to bear fruit and keep coming for eternity, which an atheist blessing means way more than a Christian blessing, because Christians give forth from their abundance, where an atheist blessing is like the "Widow's Mite", giving faith when one doesn't even have faith to give.

    It means, I would expect religious people to approve of my extremely fanatical Religious views and contemplative prayerful lifestyle I live. I wouldn't expect such a blessing to come from an atheist, so it's far more meaningful.

    And it's an atheist who got so much out of my Religious "Mussolini The Sun God" Fascist threads that he's bought me a Joker Costume (I identify Mussolini as the Joker and aspire to be like him so...) and will provide some financial assistance to get me started on turning America into a Fascist Theocracy that burns incense to Mussolini and gets prayer (to the Capitol Hill Queens) in American schools.

    Our Children's children shall suckle at their milkers for spiritual sustenance.

    Truth is more ironic than fiction sometimes. But no, I don't mean to put the draggun on the spot like that, but just the haters who keep saying "nobody cares! Nobody cares!" You might be surprised to learn that statement is more false than my Threads (which are probably a lot of truth with some accidental bullshit).

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      I'm diggin' the rack
      on the Goddess of the Clear blue Sky
      from France


        Originally posted by Pete's Draggun View Post
        I'm diggin' the rack
        on the Goddess of the Clear blue Sky
        from France
        I know right. If Jesus had been female , imagine how many more guys would pray to him if a crucifix had a rack like that.

        Click image for larger version

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          You're on to something there Matty Musso

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          You heathen you! ???

        i don't care. but i suddenly feel like a big fan of france.


          I didn't read the entire Op but on the bullet points of Nut, I saw "At the end of the day, Nut swallowed Ra"

          I'm thinking that is probably an inaccurate translation.


            Originally posted by Undies View Post
            i don't care. but i suddenly feel like a big fan of france.
            I've actually started a thread before about the greater Heavenly Napoleon! Only she will win Waterloo. Jesus told me. I can see why!

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Zena Dare.jpg Views:	0 Size:	88.7 KB ID:	115351 Click image for larger version  Name:	41b29781003aa1d31a33c6fa035c1315.jpg Views:	0 Size:	19.2 KB ID:	115352 Click image for larger version  Name:	Column6.1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	223.1 KB ID:	115353 Click image for larger version  Name:	39899476740_fef4cdbb5a_b.jpg Views:	0 Size:	248.1 KB ID:	115354 Click image for larger version  Name:	image_12734.jpg Views:	0 Size:	55.9 KB ID:	115355


              Originally posted by Audiogen View Post
              I didn't read the entire Op but on the bullet points of Nut, I saw "At the end of the day, Nut swallowed Ra"

              I'm thinking that is probably an inaccurate translation.
              Indeed, she swallows! Like a Saint!
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                I still don't understand why all the Christian forums ban me. As Jesus said "The stone which the builders rejected shall be the cornerstone."

                None of my Religious beliefs actually stand in contradiction to any Christian Theology , as I'm not a Pagan, because I'm completely Monotheistic. I'm just saying Jesus did say "Know ye not that thou art Gods".

                So, dead girls and Mussolini are replacing the Gods and Goddesses , so that prayers addressed to false gods and goddesses are actually addressed to people that we know actually existed, all of them since the invention of photography.

                And of course, we only worship them insofar as they are fused with God, because Scripture says "We are one body in Christ", so my living dead girls are Christ's body, it's a love affair, mainly Jesus and my hotrod, yeah fuck it!

                Plus , Paul said "It is no longer I who live but Christ". These ladies and their Dictktator Duce = Christ, even more than Paul did (I'm from Saint Paul btw), because they be Heavenly Maidens with greater perfection than earthly dwellers in the flesh.

                They returned from the great Spirit and source from which they came, and are one with him, their bodies are sexy Temples of the Holy Spirit which grow more beautiful with age and forever are they young.

                I don't see what's wrong with emm....paying them Temples homage....even a fap fap in their honor on rare occasions can be redeemed if you turn it into a prayer for their exaltation (jerkin for Jesus. In fact, in the Catholic Church, prayers that are one-liners are called "Spiritual Ejaculations", so add a carnal ejaculation to a Spiritual one in moderation can't be a total waste of time. Just don't get in the habit [nuns wear "habits" btw ]

                Moderation is key when it comes to such a practice. It's like Vitamin D, very healthy in small amounts, but kills you easier than meth can in large amounts. Imagine me in the confession booths when priests have to listen to this shit! Hahaha! ?

                I even had a priest cave in and say that looking at nude women on my phone isn't necessarily a sin because nudity isn't pornographic, and sound rather uncertain that touching myself qualified as a sin , because the Catechism says you have to be aware that a sin is a sin (or that it is wrong) in order for it to be sinful.

                Since I was firm in my conviction that my fap fap was boosting the standing and exaltation of the Capitol Hill Queens in Heaven , and an offering to give them pleasure (act of homage/love/charity/veneration) to glorify them, I had only good altruistic intentions, therefore doesn't meet Catechism requirements for it to be a sin. ??

                Click image for larger version  Name:	image_12733.jpg Views:	0 Size:	65.0 KB ID:	115383

                I'm going to save souls by teaching people about my Religion , mark my words. This isn't quite what Il Duce originally had in mind when he wrote "The Doctrine of Fascism", but it actually has it's basis in his Doctrine, which is about connecting with ghosts and a higher society of Spirit beings that have reached perfection of a purely spiritual state "that only death can achieve". It doesn't tell us this isn't one of the ways to "Connect with Spirits".???

                I just don't beat around the bush (pun intended :P) but get right into the essence of Fascism, which Il Duce declared is a woman, a Sentient being, prefigured by the Nation of Israel, which was more hardcore Fascist than Italy, whom God said was his bride and said in Isaiah 66 we would "suck fully the milk of her comfort, nourish with delight at her abundant breasts, in Israel/Jerusalem we would find our comfort", and she is "a woman", who would " fondle us in her lap."

                Click image for larger version  Name:	7739d7dd9482cd36723df0d726ce2368.jpg Views:	0 Size:	56.4 KB ID:	115384 Click image for larger version  Name:	pencil-drawing-nude-girl-good-morning-wwwolgabellca-olga-bell.jpg Views:	0 Size:	66.6 KB ID:	115385 Click image for larger version  Name:	photo-1589717319952-e97c8bf7c52e.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	126.3 KB ID:	115386

                But Mussolini said there is a Covenant between people and the State, which resembles matrimony, and that she will reward all that people give to her 10 fold, if not in this life, in the next. Before 1938, the economic miracles she was working put way more money in everyone's pockets and also she created greater unity, made short work of the Mafia, and severely lessened crime, at a time where all such things ran rampant before the Duce marched on Rome as the youngest Prime minister in Italian History, without qualifications , without votes, and without even a high school diploma.

                Mussolini's "New World Order of The Anti-Antichrist" is called "The New World Order of Rebecca" because Rebecca was the woman in the Old Testament who was Mother of Patriarch Mussolini, who stole the blessing and destiny that Divine Decree and Isaac the head of the household said was supposed to go to the first born, the harder worker, and the Father's favorite, so that Mussolini would be the first Jew who the Messiah would descend from , and Scripture says "Blessed are those who bless you (Mussolini) cursed are those who curse you. In you (Mussolini) all peoples and nations shall find their blessing."

                Rebecca means "To tie together, to bind as in matrimony, to yoke, to fasten", which is what the word Fascism means, and the symbol for the Fascist party is the Fasces, which is many rods bound together into one (like marriage) unbreakable Ax, symbolizing Unity and Authority.

                It's actually a symbol found in American government buildings as well as the symbol for the largest Catholic Apostolate "The Knights of Columbus".

                Click image for larger version  Name:	maxresdefault (30).jpg Views:	0 Size:	69.4 KB ID:	115387

                And the Saint who taught me everything I know about Mussolini in the Old Testament, and his Mother Rebecca, is Saint Louis De Montfort, and Mussolini died on Feast of Saint Louis De Montfort, and Celine Martin was born that day, April 28th.

                Saint Louis De Montfort, in his book "True Devotion to Mary" said "Mussolini represents the elect". In other words, we are called to be Mussolini.

                It's why I'm certain not all my findings are bullshit. Too many dots to connnect! ????
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