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More on the Blessed Virgin Mussolini! Chastity purchases Spiritual riches!

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    More on the Blessed Virgin Mussolini! Chastity purchases Spiritual riches!

    Benito Mussolini is the Virgin Warrior, guardian of Virgins, purity, and chastity, intent on getting all people to save sex till marriage and ban what stirs up sexual vices from the entertainment industry. He's not gonna make many friends with that kinda attitude, but certainly God approves!

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    It is very important to God that people remain Virgins: Revelation 14:4 ► These are those who did not defile themselves with women, for they remained virgins. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They were purchased from among mankind and offered as firstfruits to God and the Lamb."

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    Jesus was a Virgin his whole life. Mary was as well. Scripture says that the Virgin is concerned about the things of God, the married person is worried about the things of the world.

    It says not to walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. Yeah, I know, it's bullshit, but in order for Il Duce to be blessed by God, he has to be most pleasing to God. And God likes Virgins and children.

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    So, Mussolini , the new butterfly creation, the Caesar and Dictator of the Supernatural world, has restored Virginity and is essentially the Virgin Caesar, chaste lover of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and he prays multiple Rosaries a day.

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    I know, it sounds not cool! But that's what's important to God, and if everyone stayed a Virgin cept for when to procreate in the covenant of marriage, there would be little need for abortion, few STD's, and all sorts of mental and emotional trauma avoided. So, there is some merit to it.

    God is the one responsible, not Mussolini. It's just, Il Duce, in order to restrain the wrath of God, and get for humanity, the graces God doesn't want to give us, he kinda has to play by God's rules.

    To be the best contender with batman, the Joker first must win the favor and respect of batman, so that batman will enable him and let him get away with stuff.

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    But first rule about Shintoism is: "No prophet or writing is without error". Therefore, I'm never going to tell you that I know what I'm saying is truth with any certainty. Could be bullshit.

    Just the conviction.

    Any questions?

    I mainly just wanted to share that Lord of the rings hymn. Lol!

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      How exactly does one go about "restoring virginity?" If you had sex, you had sex... You can't just magically change that, can you?

      As a real live virgin, I take umbrage.


        Wrong subforum


          Originally posted by Din Djarin View Post
          Wrong subforum
          Dealing with theology of a ghost and it's status as one who can be invoked is actually occult related.

          Look up the word "Occult".


            Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
            How exactly does one go about "restoring virginity?" If you had sex, you had sex... You can't just magically change that, can you?

            As a real live virgin, I take umbrage.
            A new body following death is like a butterfly from a caterpillar. One becomes a new creation, pure , innocent, if one consents, that is, to the transformation.

            But a chaste life goes a long way with God supposedly.

            Cor 1:7

            I would like you to be free from concern. An unmarried man is concerned about the Lord's affairs--how he can please the Lord.

            33But a married man is concerned about the affairs of this world--how he can please his wife--

            34and his interests are divided. An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord's affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit.

            But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world--how she can please her husband.


              It's nice being a virgin. I don't know if I'd trade it in anymore. I value my virginity.


                Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
                It's nice being a virgin. I don't know if I'd trade it in anymore. I value my virginity.
                It's nothing to envy. That's what the Devil does to Virgins is make them think Virginity isn't cool. Being a guy that has had two STD's I can't say that sex outside of marriage is a good thing.

                After busting a nut I find it's kind of an empty thing really, and human nature naturally tells us to feel uneasy typically if we have a conscience, or unless we have drank to suppress the conscience, because something in human nature says sex without being open to having a child and marriage is shameful awkward behavior.

                At least, there was always something within myself that told me it isn't right for me to having that kind of merging with any creature unless it's a female homo-sapien that I am open to whatever powers may be, to creating life, ( Fathering the potential child that might result), and being open to marriage plus living the rest of life with the person I'm screwing.

                Without a desire to live the rest of my life with the person I'm screwing , and being not open to having a child from the union, my conscience would fuck with me unless I had a few drinks.

                Now, if Lia wanted to get married tomorrow , I would totally devote the rest of my life to her with greater loyalty than I even have for Il Duce, and I'd make ends meet financially too, but that simply isn't an open door to stay celibate.

                I've never once fornicated on meth. That's an alcohol thing. I've drank once in about two and a half years which means that's two and a half years of celibacy.


                  I went through a period where I was really bitter about it.


                    Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
                    I went through a period where I was really bitter about it.
                    Pure hearts with self control are the strongest.

                    Sex is very addictive and enslaves a person and is very costly.

                    Be a Warrior!

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                      I'm typing up this for a different Catholic website. It's old news.

                      The Spirituality that I adhere to I call "Esoteric Mussoliniology". It is the belief that Mussolini is fused with God, is one in mind, heart, and will with God, because Scripture says "We are one body in Christ".

                      It isn't Heresy, just a strong conviction that Benito Mussolini has sufficiently suffered in atonement for his mistakes, and now is a very powerful soul who practices "True Devotion To Mary" as it was prescribed by Saint Louis De Montfort.

                      Mussolini means "Jacob". Everything I knew about Jacob came from the writings of Louis De Montfort. Mussolini died on feast of Saint Louis De Montfort. What are the odds? Jacob became Israel.

                      Jacob's second wife was Rachel. Mussolini's second wife was Rachel, born my birthday , April 11. Rachel is my favorite author of all time and is the only reason I defend Mussolini, because I truly believe her to be a Saint, and she doesn't whitewash the bad things Benito did.

                      But he did a lot of good things too , like create what is today Independent Vatican City State, and give the Church lots of money and brought prayer back to public schools, and kept crucifixes on the walls, defeated secularism which was running rampant in Italy before Fascism was instituted.

                      This lead me to practice Saint Louis De Montfort's devotion, "True devotion to Mary", which I hadn't practiced in years. But an inner voice told that was the devotion Benito Mussolini favored, and that Saint Louis De Montfort was his patron Saint, because he died De Montfort's feast day , April 28, the day of the year De Montfort died as well.

                      It felt that Benito was suffering and wanted me to receive Holy Communions for him and offer him the treasures of the Holy Eucharist. Every where I went it seemed I was to constantly be praying and singing Hail Mary's and chanting Marian hymns for a greater Caesar of the Holy Roman Empire!

                      I basically even before I knew who Benito Mussolini was, I prayed to a group of souls that I called "Holy Roman Empire", essentially any Spirit, Kami, soul in purgatory, Heavenly being, Saint, Tulpa, or whatever that is in an alliance with our Lady of Fatima.

                      It is my belief that I discovered that Benito Mussolini is the Caesar of this Roman Empire and the "Dictator for all seasons", yet he really isn't a Dictator because multiple entities whom I call "Capitol Hill Queens" can override any of his executive decisions if they determine he is lacking in compassion.

                      But he is Caesar of a Roman Empire in the Supernatural realm and my mission is to pray incessant Hail Mary's and prayers to our Lady that he become a greater Caesar, grow very wise and god-like, and if I pray like that and burn incense to the Caesar, I have happiness , energy, and peace.

                      When I don't burn incense to and pray for the Caesar, I'm tired , miserable, grumpy, and sometimes blasphemous! So, devotion to Mussolini was the best thing that ever happened to me. It got me frequently receiving the sacraments, practicing Saint Louis De Montfort's devotion, and praying far more Hail Mary's.

                      But wait, wasn't Mussolini a failure who sided with one of the most evil people in History?

                      Everyone strikes out sometimes. It's part of being human. I screw up all the time but it doesn't mean I am my mistakes or the errors I make. Mussolini declined a plane trip to Spain to save his life and said "Get a plane to take every Fascist to Spain and I go. My destiny is here. I have blood on my hands and shall pay dearly for this." It means he was sorry.

                      He originally was Hitler's enemy and put troops on the border with Austria, stalling Hitler's annexation of Austria. Hitler responded by sending tanks, machine guns, and artillery to the Ethiopian Empire to fight Mussolini.

                      Il Duce called on America and Britain to help him stop the annexation of Austria. If America and Britain would have responded, Il Duce would have joined the allies.

                      Mussolini tried to stop Hitler's attack on Poland and stalled Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia. Hitler was threatening to invade Italy after the fall of France, and Il Duce didn't think he could possibly stay neutral. Plus Italy didn't stand a chance , and Nazis would have blitzed through the country in about two weeks.

                      So, as a Grandfather, Benito began to cave into Nazi propaganda. He didn't know about the extermination of Jews, and he had to face the fact that Hitler had won every battle, and only Britain was left. He could be the 20th Century Caesar of a great revived Roman Empire by joining Hitler, or watch Italy get overrun by Germans.

                      Also, him and Hitler had a common enemy: "Atheism, Communism, secularism, Soviet Union, Marxism, Bolshiveks." Mussolini decided that only Hitler could help him create a "United States of Europe, Anti-communist defense initiative, Anti-bolshivek block!"

                      Also, when Spain was being overrun by Soviet backed Communists, it was Nazi Germany that helped Mussolini crush the Reds in Spain, and prop up his pupil: "Dictator Franco" , a devout Catholic military general renowned , feared, and admired (even by Muslims) as having God on his side.

                      So Mussolini felt in debt to Hitler for helping him turn Spain into a Fascist nation (The Fascist Francois Regime in Spain would last until 1976. That's longer than Hitler's and Mussolini's reign combined. And Mussolini was in power for a long time, nearly 23 years).

                      Mussolini knew what he did was wrong. When time goes on, I realize what I did was wrong and apologise to the people who may have been hurt by my actions. I believe Il Duce wishes to do the same.

                      Il Duce was a street fighter, Sword dueler, fencer, and contender who could kick any politicians rear in the ring. He had to be tough with Communists for the greater good, but could he do it over again, he would not have committed wars of aggression.

                      However, Mussolini's conquest of Ethiopia, I consider a just war, because of how barbaric the slavery was in Ethiopia (involving amputation of limbs for escaping and genital removal, and not providing for the slaves). Fascist Italy abolished the slavery practiced by the Ethiopian Empire which also was very cruel to other African groups.


                        Hitler was originally the pupil who copied Mussolini.

                        He didn't do anything original. His march on Berlin was inspired by Mussolini's march on Rome. It was a failure. In jail he wrote a bunch of racist stuff that had nothing to do with Fascism or Mussolini.

                        Hitler got big because Communism was so powerful in Germany that people felt they needed an anti-communist who would round people up and eliminate the threat. When Hitler got to power , he worked Germany's economic miracles by copying Mussolini's policies for creating jobs, dropping unemployment, creating unity, Spiritual government and symbolism, military parades, uniforms, youth groups, and uprooting Communism.

                        But Hitler's wars of aggression had nothing to do with Fascism. It had to do with being angry about Germany's loss of World War 1 and finding the treaty of Versailles to be too harsh. Many Germans wanted revenge, and by copying Fascist Italy, they became powerful enough to potentially have revenge.

                        One group they blamed for the loss of the war were Jews unfortunately. But still, Nazism copied many Fascist policies , but was not Fascism , because the garbage that Hitler was promoting and his hatred, violence, and racism is not found in the Doctrine of Fascism. Plus he called it "National Socialism", and Fascism is opposed to Socialism. (Even though, I know that National Socialism is not the same thing as "Socialism".)

                        I can pardon anyone for their mistakes and feel the Spirit of Il Duce speaks to me, and that the Bible prefigured him, because Mussolini means Jacob, Jacob and Mussolini's second wives were named Rachel, they both were contenders, both dabbled in forbidden Superstition, both were theives, and both were seizers.

                        One defintion of Mussolini is Seizer (Grabber) because in Scripture Jacob came out of the womb grabbing his Twin Esau by the Heel. Seizer sounds identical to "Caesar" , and Mussolini was a Caesar following his conquest of Ethiopia.

                        Another definition of Mussolini is "Heel", and Mussolini was hung by his Heels. The primary definition of Mussolini is "To supplant. To remove from power and replace". Il Duce removed the Prime minister from power and replaced him despite having no qualifications , no votes, no degree or high school diploma, being the youngest Prime minister in history, no government experience, and he didn't kill anyone. It was a bloodless transfer of power in the cradle of Democracy.

                        Totally miraculous. But anyway, I'm more focused on anyone's redeemable qualities and good they do than the bad they do. Plus I think restoring the Roman Empire and a 20th Century Caesar would have been cool.

                        I can't think of a Caesar I like more than Benito or more nifty, strong, talented, a better contender, and even the fact that he died a failure like Jesus, and was hung upside down (which means the same thing as the cross in Shinto. It means "to suffer greatly", and I practice Shinto, which is totally compatible with Catholicism because there are no Doctrines, Scriptures, or founder in Shinto.), just makes me like him more.

                        People shouted at Jesus, "You who would rebuild the Temple, come down from that cross if you are the Son of God." People shouted at Mussolini "You who would rebuild the Roman Empire, look at you now"!

                        Yet there was a time in Italy that the Duce used to get letters girls saying when they received Holy Communion at Mass, they imagined it was Mussolini who was present in the spotless host placed on their tongue. It was a female companion of his who remained loyal to him when almost everyone else abandoned him. When it was time to die, she jumped in front of the guns, shouted "No!" and died shielding his body from bullets. That's a loyal woman!

                        The fact that everyone else hates him makes me feel more inclined to admire and defend him, because he is the most misunderstood leader I know of in History.