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Praying Hail Mary's for a greater wiser Caesar cured me of depression and fatigue!

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    Praying Hail Mary's for a greater wiser Caesar cured me of depression and fatigue!

    I was crushed with fatigue, and I kinda made a commitment not to turn drugs. I hated life. Went for a walk and began chanting Hail Mary's for a greater Caesar, a wiser, stronger, more powerful, more perfected, pure of heart, more virtuous, more just, and benevolent Dictator for all seasons
    ​ and all people's,

    .....and more beautiful , glorious, powerful, Capitol Hill Queens!

    (The one on the right is a painting of Aphrodite. She got baptized on palm Sunday. Yesterday I watched a film that spoke of the Evening star being the only planet in our Solar system named after a female , and this song popped up on my youtube's this morning which begins "May it be, an evening star..." The evening star, before it was named Venus, was named "Aphrodite", the most beautiful of all Goddesses, and the most horny. The Evening Star is also the "Morning Star" which means "Lucifer"
    Since she was baptized and accepted Jesus as Lord and savior, you should seriously invite her into your life, even if you are a Christian. She will make your life easier and make Religion more fun.

    Tell God I told you it was okay and that I'll suffer the punishment for your sin, if indeed it is an aberration and sin.)

    Suddenly, like super quickly , before I even got to blessing the Queens, offering up Angelic salutations (Hail Mary's) for the Roman Emperor made the misery be gone and replaced with euphoria. It was (like as quick as an IV injection of cocaine) the fatigue disappeared and I felt euphoric, empowered, and energized.

    It didn't feel like cocaine or meth, but the way the fatigue was gone quickly and replaced with a surge of energy has only been accomplished before through adrenaline rushes or Stimulant abuse.

    I'll have to try this free shit more often! I say this stuff just for that one other person out there who might reap the same benefits of this practice, if such a person exists.
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