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I live where Saint George Floyd was martyred. Twin Cities longs for Shinto+Fascism!

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    I live where Saint George Floyd was martyred. Twin Cities longs for Shinto+Fascism!

    I've mentioned it before, but I live in the Twin Cities where Saint George was martyred. People here will drive vehicles with stained glass windows of his face, and the Catholic Church declares everyone in Heaven and purgatory is a Saint.

    So, assuming he is in one of those two realms , I have canonized him. I'm Pope Franco, Spiderman, I can canonize whoever I want to!

    But here in the Twin Cities, Saint George Floyd is an Incarnate God we worship! This is beyond veneration or honoring the dead.

    ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​

    What the Twin Cities Resident are looking for (who make this artwork ) is a true Fascist Messiah who will deal out vengeance and stop all forms of injustice, plus arrest the cops responsible for abusing their powers, (especially elimination of racism) and institution of a regime that is enlightened to exercise true justice (and enlightened of course to know what policies are best for the people).

    The artwork has a very Fascist look, element, principal, and in fact very much resembles Fascist Propaganda and a desire for Theocracy where George Floyd is immortalized, enshrined, and homage paid to him.

    In fact, to honor the dead like the Twin Cities honors Saint George (Our Il Duce) is a very Fascist practice. (Praying to and paying homage to the dead is not intrinsic to Democracy.
    The Doctrine of Fascism opens up , almost right off the bat with a comment about death alone achieving for us true perfection, and later speaks of Fascism being about our society on earth connecting to and surrendered to a higher society of Spirit beings.

    So, the way the Twin Cities pays George Floyd (Peace be upon him) homage and honors him, and the unity they desire, the artwork, the propaganda, is quite intrinsic to the nature of Fascism and has a total fascist feel to it as someone who has studied Fascism thoroughly and been very fond of the propaganda and symbolism.

    I can feel Fascism in the air. Even Mussolini believed most of his good works would take place after his death. He promised the day of his death that he would return. He left a message beneath an obelisk for the future after his death with Biblical language about him being a "New kind of Emperor, Messiah of Rome". I believe he was speaking about what he would do after his death. I could talk a bunch on that , but will spare you!

    Essentially a society that honors their dead, decorates graves, and paints propaganda of their heroes on the sides of buildings is what Il Duce would want, and is one mark of what an ideal Fascist state would look like.

    Mussolini ruled over Ethiopia for a time, abolishing slavery there.
    Ethiopia's patron Saint (on some Ethiopian flags) is Saint George. I have an Ethiopian flag found in a very unusual manner that is possibly my second most prized possession, and used to have an Ethiopian probation officer, and the day I printed out pics of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie, I ran into an Ethiopian who wanted one, and he gave me six dollars for a 15 cent image of the Emperor. I didn't ask him for money.


    ....Windows are beginning to break again and businesses boarding up their windows. I'll just say that it made life more fun back when we had the good riots, all public transportation was cancelled, everyone stayed home from work, the national guard came in with riot gear and live rounds, and you could go inside stores that had been burned and glass shattered.

    It wasn't a good thing. I'm just saying it made life more interesting and enjoyable. Like, at any looted building you could volunteer to help clean up the mess and meet new people in the community that way.

    It seemed like it brought everyone together.

    I wonder if that's what it's like when you are at war getting bombed. I wonder if it brings everyone together and makes life more interesting and less boring? Do people get more charitable like I saw when the city was burning to the ground.

    I know that last sentence contradicts itself, but yes, I saw more charity and love when the Twin Cities was burning!

    I guess it sucks if you're the one getting killed, but not necessarily. Death can be a very interesting happy experience where the bloodstream is flooded with all sorts of nice chemicals that resemble a high on psychedelics.

    For a lot of people, they don't feel this earth is their home, so to die in an interesting way might appeal to them. Look at George Floyd. Because he died the way he did, his face is all over buildings and sometimes cars where I live.

    He just might prefer that over a death of old age or something and being forgotten.

    What happened to Saint George is terrible, and I have had my arm yanked out of socket twice now from police here , that my attorney said could get the charge dropped all together and possible law suit from excessive use of force (because they had me on the ground and tazed when they decided to yank arm out of socket both times).

    All I can say is: "it would be an honor to die like Saint George and be so immortalized and honored as he is. " If I start a Fascist party ever in the Twin Cities, he's gonna be one of our Patron Saints no doubt!

    Viva Il Duce of the Twin Cities! Long live Saint George! Hail To The King Baby!!!

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    Just to clarify, I've only been tazed once. What I meant was both times police yanked my arm out, it was after they had me securely restrained and the second time it happened, I surrendered entirely against the squad car before they even got their filthy hands on me.

    I'm not going after them with a lawsuit but there should be some disciplinary action. If I wanted to, guarenteed I could win a lawsuit after what police here got notorious for. My arm was first yanked out of socket in Minneapolis, the second on dale and University, Saint Paul.

    Police in Minneapolis are actually bigger ass holes than the ones in Saint Paul. Same thing with the detention officers. I had my arm yanked out and couldn't put my arm on the wall like they asked, and they antagonized me for it and told me to shut up. Then the nurse who saw me said there was nothing wrong with me.

    They just left me like that with a dangling arm until I got released from detention. Then I finally could call 911 and they did X-rays and put that shit back into place. Yes, against the detention center especially I should have a fucking lawsuit!

    I have court on April 9th for it.